Best way to get on the net

  ynohtna 02:53 13 Aug 2006

Hi all, Just signed up to this forum as as i don't have a clue about computers but would very much like too......
My first question is this:
My mum has bought me a laptop. Its an ACER 1605lc
Pentium 4, 3.06ghz, 512mb (not wireless)and i havnt got a clue how to get onto the internet. Basically, its a laptop... so i want to be able to use the net wherever i am. We have a broad band connection (plugs into the phone socket)on the pc at home with Wanadoo (or Orange as it is now)but i want to be able to plug in at mine with my laptop, do what i want to do, unplug, go round a mates house who hasnt got a computer and get on the net there also. Is there a subscription service where i pay my monthly fee and i can plug into anyones phoneline without extra charges. We live in a very rural area and id rather not use my mobile phone as a gateway. Im unsure how wireless works and if it would be suitable for my needs/budget. Any ideas how i can use my portable compter 'portably'...
Be advised i'll probably have a shed load of stupid questions over the forthcoming weeks....

  rdave13 03:17 13 Aug 2006

At this time of morning let me welcome you to the forums. This is really a question for the "network forum".Many a speciallist there for your question. The help room is mainly for general pc problems, such as "freezing", os and that type of queries. Good luck.

  FelixTCat 08:24 13 Aug 2006


You can do what you want, but the results will be substantially different depending on whether your mate already has a broadband connection.

To get broadband, your phone supplier has to set it up (sometime, even install it at your house). If that hasn't been done, you won't get broadband but you can get a dial-up connection, which is much slower than broadband.

So, at home you can connect your laptop to the broadband service you already have.

Your mate doesn't have a computer, so unless someone else in the house does, and they have a broadband connection, you will have to use dial-up.

Whilst you are using the dial-up, nobody else will be able to use the phone. In addition, although you can register yourself for the dial-up account, your mate will be charged for the phone, not you.

You can register for this type of dial-up account here: click here and click on Pay As You Go No Monthly Fee.

Once you have registered, they will give you a username, password and a telephone number to use. You can dial this number from any phone and log on.



  VoG II 08:28 13 Aug 2006

click here may be of interest.

  Taff™ 08:55 13 Aug 2006

click here F5D7010UK WIRELESS 54g Laptop PCMCIA card second in the list. Check if you can get an Orange Livebox (Wireless Router / Modem)with your package and the combination will let you go wirless at home.

At your mate`s house dial up is as suggested the easiest method but slow. Depending how often you want to do this you might invest in one of these. click here This is basically a data card that acts as a mobile telephone and picks up a 3G signal (Or the slower GPRS)if available in your area - worth checking this with them. (Link further down the page)

Also check if your Laptop has a suitable slot - the spec says it should have either a type 3 or 2 type 2 slots - you need the latter. Again seek advice.

  p;3 09:35 13 Aug 2006

also; if you are an absolute beginner with computers and the like, this section here

click here
has been set up for that , so please do ask away with whatever your problems are; but it is always good to think of a helpful title for your problem; eg. cannot display Word, cannot open a file; and NOT but the word HELP, which really does NOT help ; and, of interest, there are no stupid questions but questions that need answers ; if you have a question, please ask it,no matter how basic or simple you think it is , as that is what the forum is all about, helping one another at ALL levels of computering

  ynohtna 23:59 13 Aug 2006

Wow!! Thanks for all the info...
So basically, i can stay with what i have at home, maybe also get a pay as you go dialup account and give my mate some cash towards his phone bill as required and maybe also get one of those card thingies (but at £17 a month its a bit out of my budget..!!). Also thanks for not dismissing a newbie, it's probably a bit strange for someone not to know too much about computers in this day and age but ho hum... this seems to be a very friendly forum.

  chrisjohn 00:10 14 Aug 2006

i dont know much,but i have had help over past 12months,and its all been good help thats worked.thanks to everyone.

  ynohtna 02:05 14 Aug 2006

Oh, any ideas where i can get a tiscali disc from so i can sign up.... mums decided to discontinue with Orange as she hardly uses it!! NICE!

  Taff™ 06:29 14 Aug 2006

Suggest you check out the existing contract with Orange. There is a minimum contractperiod, uually 12 months. If it has expired yo could owngrade it to a Dial Up contract at £14.99 a month but their BB is the same price I think.

If you change from Orange you may lose your current e-mail addresses unless you use a dial up to access them at least once a month/quarter.

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