Best way to filter out IP addresses with hardware..?

  kingneil 11:48 07 May 2015

I am looking to filter out IP addresses using hardware external to the computer itself.

I have decided that using Windows' system for filtering IPs/hosts is no good, because if someone hacked the computer itself, then they could just alter all of that anyway.

So it needs to be some external device, that can't be hacked.

The thing is, I am in a place where other people use the same router as me. So, using any built-in IP address filtering on the router is no good.

It needs to be some kind of hardware device that is placed between my computer, and the router.

It would have the ability to

  1. Filter out all IP addresses except certain ones
  2. Or, just filter out certain IP addresses

What is your recommendation for this...?

  LastChip 12:02 07 May 2015

Just use another router between the existing router and your computer. If it's a wired connection, use a cable router. Otherwise, if it's wireless, use any router with a wireless facility and is capable of the configuration you want.

A better way, would be to use a managed switch between the existing router and the network. Then you could set up fine grained control as to who can access what. But from your post, it sounds as though that's not an option.

  kingneil 20:42 08 May 2015

Hi, it's the original poster here.

So, how would you access this router...? Would it have a touch screen or something on it, or would I have to access it through another computer..?

Because remember, the original issue is that if the Windows computer itself is hacked, then obviously that creates issues.

The goal is to have a hardware device that is totally independent from any other computer on the network, other than, of course, routing data to it.

Also, does anyone have any reports of routers themselves being hacked, or are they generally considered to be secure..?

  bumpkin 21:37 08 May 2015

More bullshit from first posters.

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