Best way to create a website?

  01chris 14:43 08 Jun 2008

I'm looking to design a site which has a graphical header, links down the left hand side, a graphical footer and possibly a background graphic too. I want to control all of these elements using CSS.

I want all pages on the site to look exactly the same, I just want the central text to change according to the page.

How do you recommend doing this? I have a number of thoughts (In no particular order):

1. Dreamweaver templates
2. Some sort of CMS (Joomla of similar)
3. Server side includes
4. A PHP script (havn't thought this through 100% but I'm thinking of just pulling the required text from a database and having the script put the text into a template for displaying to the user)

Any opinions please?

  01chris 18:21 08 Jun 2008

Thanks forum member.

I agree with you on number four actually - I hadn't thought of search engine problems.

And having never used SSI before I wasn't entirely sure about it - if it's complicated I will follow your advice and stay clear.

I should have made it clear - I'm not going to be the only person updating it. I am going to create it and perform large maintenance tasks but small updates are going to be done by other people who aren't as computer literate as me. Is there an alternative to a CMS for updating the pages easily by someone who doesn't have a great HTML knowledge? (These updates will probably involve changing small bits of text and maybe adding images. There won't be many 'big' things because I will be dealing with them in Dreamweaver.)

£1m? Of course! Make it £2m! :D

  brundle 19:01 08 Jun 2008

Can you afford Adobe Contribute? click here

  01chris 21:44 09 Jun 2008

brundle - I must admit Contribute looks good. The website isn't for me though, I am working on it for a client so I will need to check their price ranges and see. Tempting I have to say.

forum member - If Contribute is a 'no' (and it may be because it is quite expensive) I am 99% sure I will go the CMS route. Joomla looks good and I'm fond of open source.

Thank you both

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