Best way to connect spare sata to desktop pc?

  grumpy-git 18:32 04 Aug 2012

I have a wd15eads sata drive (1.5Tb) and in the past have used it to backup via a usb2.0 connector. One of my hard drives in the pc is also 1.5Tb & to backup that drive takes a long time.

One answer might be to get a usb3 enclosure for the drive & add a usb3 pci card. An alternative would be a sata pci card & sata lead, or is there a sata enclosure that will connect to the pci sata card outlet.

Any suggestions please, thanks!

  sharpamat 07:04 05 Aug 2012

May advise would be to go for the Caddy and format your drive to more managable sizes.

USB 3 may increase transfer rates but will it increase them by much is unknown

  Terry Brown 10:07 05 Aug 2012

Unless you are using win7 64 bit, and a drive that will transfer at USB3 speeds, you will be wasting your money.

The best option would be to fit the SATA drive into the computer via the SATA sockets on your motherboard, If you need another power supply you can get a MOLEX (Large white power plug) to SATA converter from Maplin or Online.

Unless you want to keep the backup data away from the machine, or as SHARPAMAT suggests split the Backup drive into smaller partitions, if that is not suitable, just set it to backup when you go to bed (or work) and let it run while you are out (or asleep)

  rdave13 10:20 05 Aug 2012

Some interesting reading here especially the comments.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:21 05 Aug 2012

SATA bracket from spare port on motherbord

e sata caddy

Cable from caddy to new bracket

  grumpy-git 15:00 05 Aug 2012

Thanks for replies, will read them properly later.

PC is an Advent 9202 running xp with 2 sata drives - 500gb & 1.5Tb

Something else I had thought of was replacing the dvd reader, as it also has a dvd read/write drive, and fitting a 3rd hard drive. But thought it is more practical to have a removal/external drive.

  grumpy-git 00:10 06 Aug 2012

Fruit Bats's suggestion seems a good one. Looks like there are 4 sata sockets on the motherboard and only 2 in use.

Will let you know how things progress.

  sharpamat 08:12 06 Aug 2012

Its unknown if XP supports USB 3 this would need to be confirmed before purchase of any card

There are many instances of the problems of useing large drives with XP on the forums

Adding another internal drive I would suggest checks as to would your PSU be large enought to support it.

  grumpy-git 15:07 08 Aug 2012

Have sent off for e-sata caddy. Will see what happens when I try & get it working.

  grumpy-git 15:17 13 Aug 2012

Caddy arrived, with all cables required in the box.

I can't get pc to recognise the caddy when plugged in. The only way is to go via bios when I turn pc on and get the sata 4 (slave) to auto detect the drive, but it doesn't remember that setting for the next time I turn it on.

Is there something else I need to do?

USB connector works without a problem, but is so much slower than sata.

Computer details:-

  grumpy-git 15:36 13 Aug 2012

Bit more on this. I can go into computer management/disk drives & scan for hardware changes & it finds the disk, but how to "remove" it without turning pc off?

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