best way of buying Windows XP for PIII PC

  Qmar 21:33 05 Feb 2003

.. I have been to a local supplier's site .. it says I have to buy some hardware from them to get the cheaper OEM version..

Where or how else can XP be purchased.. I have been put off doing an upgrade on my Win98 by some threads here.

  odb 21:42 05 Feb 2003

shouln't need hardware for XP, dixons, currys etc sell them at reasonable prices

  Pauper 22:07 05 Feb 2003

In order to purchase the OEM version you will need to also purchase a certain amount of hardware, microsoft do not specify exactly what you need to buy, but will it be any cheaper than the £80 you would need to pay for the upgrade version of xp?

  rickf 22:25 05 Feb 2003

Comp fairs sell oem Xps w/o need of buying h/ware.Last I checked around £70 for Home Edition.

  wee eddie 22:56 05 Feb 2003

Keep your money in your pocket.

With a system of the age that yours may be? XP will produce horrendous problems. 98se is probably the most suitable.

  odb 23:00 05 Feb 2003

true, older computer...stick to 98

  oneMegaBit 23:07 05 Feb 2003

your system will more than handle XP since the minimum is a pentium class pc running at 266mhz. I run xp pro on a celeron 600mhz laptop with 192mb of ram without any problems or "chuggin'" but some users who either don't or don't know how to configure or setup their systems correctly and efficently may have problems (oh and I'm a qualified electronics engineer C.ENG so should be ok)

  wee eddie 23:14 05 Feb 2003

XP, although marvelous etc, has quite a few blind spots when it comes to all those useful add ons that you have, but are not currently available(OLD)

oneMegaBit will have little difficulty, given his level of brilliance. I can't see the point of upgrading such a system.

  oneMegaBit 23:21 05 Feb 2003

I expect your refering to unsupported drivers, true, however in my experience these "blindspots" have been blown out of propotion. I find my little "old" laptop's peripherals actualy work better/easier (to install) under windows xp. Don't believe everything you read (except this!)

  User-312386 23:32 05 Feb 2003

i Have a PIII 700mhz and it runs fine with XP

512mb ram though


  lemon2 00:04 06 Feb 2003

I run a P3 1Ghz win Win XP installed - never had any stability issues.

Although like madboy I do have far more memory than the norm - 640mb RAM. And I agree with oneMegaBit insomuch, that many user don't know how to configure their machines properly and consequently run into all sorts of conflicts and errors.

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