Best way to back up hard drive

  Fat Cat 22:31 07 Feb 2003

What is the best compromise on backing up a hard drive ?

I had a scare on Monday when I thought I would lose all my data (Gateway help line said I would have to reinstall Windows Me) I didn't but
I don't want to go through that again !

I was thinking of a 20GB drive to match the one I have but what software is best for backups ?

Any help would be appreciated !

  Poloman69 22:43 07 Feb 2003

I currently run 2 hard drives an 80G and a 10G. the 10G one runs my OS. I have a back up of all of my files on the other hard drive.

I also have a copy of 'fast file undelete' which was one of the cover discs (you can download it from pcadvisor website (here basically). If you do lose any info run it and you can normally salvage most of your files.

To do a simple back up, open my computer, right click on the -drive and select properties - then select tools, and then "back up".

Alternatively you could simply burn most of your important files onto a CDRW.

I have lost files before through formatting, but the fast file undelete program salvaged 90% of them.

Hope this offers some reassurance

  rmn 23:06 07 Feb 2003

you could try norton ghost or drive image both are good.if you have a cd writer nero and easy cd both have backup programs included.

  bigray 05:59 08 Feb 2003

I put a removable drive bay in with a small 4GB second hand drive, then used ghost to transfer, worth doing, had to use it a few times when things screw up

  zanwalk 06:58 08 Feb 2003

My recommendation would be Drive Image, backups of your complete system (uncluding Operating System) is easy, and it is a simple matter to restore everything if you have a problem.

  Fat Cat 16:10 08 Feb 2003

Thanks everyone.

Is undelete any good if you have to re-install Windows (Me in my case) ? I thought re-installing Windows ruined all your data - that's what the Gateway help line said - mind you they weren't very helpful, just sounded like they wanted to get off the phone !

Am I getting it wrong, but I thought a hard drive would be fastest for backing up ? Faster than CD or DVD ? If so any suggestions on a decent 10 or 20GB one at a sensible price ?


  Lú-tzé 16:27 08 Feb 2003

IF you can get a second hdd install it as slave to the current one and then get a program such as Norton Ghost to create images of the master disk onto the slave.

Also, tranfer your data onto the second hdd. For example, if you use "my documents" tell windows that the location is on the new hdd.

Having two physical disks is preferable to one.

click here for a good guide on using ghost and why to use it.

  Diemmess 16:27 08 Feb 2003

OK you are a convinced backer-upper..........The posts so far have given a good variety of ways, and no one way will suit everyone.

I am not as neat and organised as bigray is, but his method seems ideal because the image file he makes will keep the o/s and all its tweaks just as you want them as well as your precious data.

Do bear in mind that WindowsXXX is dynamic and without using Ghost or Drive image, you cannot restore a perfect o/s if the one you are using goes badly off the rails through drive failure.

  leo49 16:40 08 Feb 2003

The most important preparatory step you could take for efficient backups is to partition your HDD so as to isolate your OS/Programs from data.


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