Best VISTA ready firewall and anti-virus software?

  bigmondy 14:09 23 May 2007

Which is the best (most economical) that I can use for my new PC and my new lap top.

  skidzy 18:37 23 May 2007

Use Vista's own firewall,it has inbound and outbound protection capibility.

Avg free Antivirus click here

Add a few other programs such as:

Spybot Search and Destroy

All free and found at Filehippo.

Then add ccleaner click here or again found at Filehippo.
Ccleaner will tidy up the computers obsolete registry entries/temp files/cookies etc.

Using these weekly should be more than enough to secure your computers.

Obviously the best security,is common sense.

  Fingees 18:42 23 May 2007

I agree with Skidzy

I use AVG, Adaware, Ccleaner.
Together with Vistas own firewall .
More than enough.

  bigmondy 23:48 23 May 2007

Thanks guys - appreciate the advice.

I was going to buy Norton or Mcafee - so with the above software loaded I don't need to and can save the sheckles?

  skidzy 17:11 24 May 2007

there is no need to pay out for any security,its all availble for free.
Personally the all in one packages seem to be a bit of a resource hog.
The above advice is sound and may well be added to by other forum members.
What we have listed is plenty to secure your computer.

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