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  hawthorn59 02:27 26 Jan 2007

I would like to capture and edit my camcorder footage, and also create DVDs of old VHS tapes of shows, musicals etc.

What is the best or at least very good package for doing that? I heard Pinnacle but then read some terrible reviews of it. I notice in PC World they had Roxio CD/DVD creator, around €70 which s about £45. Thats reasonable if it does the job.

Also a related question.I also read somewhere that DVDs are not a reliable storage medium, so if I archive all my VHS tapes I couldnt dump them, which I need to do, for space. Would you recommend buying say 500gig external hard drive and keeping master copies of the DVDs or is that overkill. Sorry maybe this bit should be a different topic.

Much thanks


  sean-278262 03:07 26 Jan 2007

"Also a related question.I also read somewhere that DVDs are not a reliable storage medium." A load of tosh. If unused and safely stored they can last 20 years and still work happily.

A hard drive I once read is good for about a million million (1 with 12 zero's) spins. About 4.5 years of non stop spinning. So really it depends which you trust. If you make 2 copies of a DVD and one goes dead you still have a back up. Buying a hard drive and if it dies you loose everything. I would certainly rather loose just one DVD rather than all of them on a hard drive (and these do fail). I lost all my data to a failed hard drive in a machine that was 3 months old.

It is up to you how you save them. Once option you could consider is however using one of the above and an online file storage system. Prices are pretty cheap and on a per month basis. Access worldwide guaranteed safety of the data.

  hawthorn59 03:50 26 Jan 2007

Thanks for your reply. Its just I read in AV Forums someones wedding started to lose quality and almost disappeared within a year. The exception probably but still. At least she could get a copy from the video man I presume.

So if I transfer all my old shows (which I produced, so important to me) what is the best way of keeping a second copy of them? Make 2 dvds at the time? Store online? Definitely last resort is to keep the vhs tapes.



  leedaz 07:46 26 Jan 2007

As for software, I used Ulead Video Studio 10, simple to use yet powerful. I had a bit of a problem with Roxio, bloated piece of software imho, also uninstall was a nightmare.

  tullie 07:57 26 Jan 2007

Why not try xps own movie maker,its ok for the casual user,unless you see yourself as a budding Steven Speilberg

  eedcam 08:40 26 Jan 2007

Only wmm does not burn to dvd and you dont have to be a budding Spielberg to realise how limited it is.As for archiving Thehill if you have a mini-dv camcorder then put your restored footage back onto dv-tape with dvd's stay away from the cheap brands

  sean-278262 15:44 26 Jan 2007

I would as eedcam says use decent quality DVDs pay a little more and you usually get a little more from them. Just burn 2 dvds rather than one at a time. You can also buy cases that are air tight and protect the disks even longer if that is what you need.

  rabies 15:12 27 Jan 2007

Try Serif's Movieplus 5, it's really very good.
Here's their site.
click here

  hawthorn59 19:54 27 Jan 2007

Hi all and thanks for the help so far. What would you consider good quality dvds for storge and appx whats their cost?

My DVD player is a Pioneer, actually its a DVD recorder. I think it plays back + and - I would only use it for basic archiving ie copying movie to dvd. I think I would like to use the pc I imagine with a good software package it would be easier to do the basic editing. But heres where Im not sure, do you + or - dvds in a pc or doec it matter. I will want them to play on the pioneer


  hawthorn59 20:42 27 Jan 2007

Ive read reviews of ulead and it does seem good. Any experience of Power director anyone? It got great reviews too.


  supernovae 21:17 27 Jan 2007

I've tried just about every video editing package on the market. I've found Pinnacle to be unstable and Ulead to be adequate. In my opinion, the best package on the market by far is Sony Vegas 6 - very comprehensive set of features, easy to use and very stable. You can pick up the 'lite' home version for around £60. Sony also have a 30 day download and free trial so you can see if it is for you - I wouldn't be without it !!

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