Best Video Editing Programme

  mick 47 19:15 04 Dec 2005

Dear Colleagues

If cost was not an issue, what would be the best video editing programme to have.I have a Sony DigiCam and a system running XP with a 160GB hard drive.

Mick Cowan

  stalion 20:09 04 Dec 2005
  Bagsey 22:30 04 Dec 2005

You did say if money were no object didnt you. Then go for the latest version of Adobe Premier.
But expect a long learning curve. For advice and help look at click here

  GroupFC 22:39 04 Dec 2005

Here's another post along similar lines click here

  De Marcus™ 22:43 04 Dec 2005

Adobe premier - learnig curve is as mentioned, steep.

Buy a mac, video gobblers.

  mick 47 23:20 04 Dec 2005

Dear Colleagues

Thank you all for prompt replies. I did say if 'cost was not an issue', and I accept that Adobe is the best - but I am put off by the comments that there is a steep learning curve.I will go for Sonic's DVDit.

Many thanks for all your time

Mick Cowan

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