Best Value AMD CPU?

  Gaz W 12:54 07 Sep 2004

Can anyone tell me which is the best value budget Socket A AMD CPU at the moment? I realise that the new Sempron for skt A is a cut-down Athlon XP with less L2 cache, running at a 333MHz FSB. The Thoroughbred Athlon XP has a slower FSB and the same (256KB) L2 Cache for a similar price.

For the same clock speed they are similar in price (Athlon XP 2000+ and Sempron 2400+) - so I would be tempted by the Sempron...

is this the best idea?

Thanks in advance for any help,


  Gaz W 13:51 07 Sep 2004

It's probably obvious really; I am definitely tempted to go for a Sempron and DDR 333 instead of an Athlon XP and DDR 266 as it's only £1 or so more in total. I just want to make sure I'm not making a big mistake...

For example, I know most Socket A boards should take it and detect it as an Athlon XP, but I still have to be sure the motherboard I'm getting would take it. It's an Elite 741GX-M which I think is OK. Can anyone on here tell me about this board? Should I avoid Elite motherboards or are they OK?

  Gaz W 13:52 07 Sep 2004

Shortly after posting that I found the board's specs on Elite's website and it does support the Sempron.

  TomJerry 14:09 07 Sep 2004

Around £66. It is mobile (Laptop/Notebook) CPU, but it can used for desktop.

Why it is the best value? Because this chip can be easily overclocked to equvalent to AMD ATHLON XP 3200 Barton (costs around £115) without additional effort on cooling if you want performace. If you use better cooling, it can be overclocked even further.

Advantage do not stop here; you can run it at default when you do not need extra performace/ In this case, the core voltage is low, less heat, less fan noise, so quiet machine.

Ready for game?

  Gaz W 15:25 07 Sep 2004

Not a bad idea, although it is straying a bit from the price range set. I might add it as an upgrade option though.

What I've always wondered is why they don't just make all of their processors like that!

I don't think I'll be able to take full advantage of that processor though on the motherboard I'm using, since it stops at 333MHz FSB and the 3200+ is 400MHz.

Just out of interest though, where would I buy the mobile processor?

  TomJerry 18:45 07 Sep 2004

and many more

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