Best upgrade for friends pc

  clayton 14:23 25 Feb 2007

A friend of mine has a AMD 2000 socket A processor with 2 x 256mb ddr memory, MSI K7N2 Delta-L Motherboard, the pc is mainly used for internet surfing, downloading /playing music & a few pc games.

She doesnt have alot of money but could buy parts over a few months,would she be better off buying extra memory for her pc or a new motherboard like this click here that she can use alot of her old pc parts in, what do you all think ?? Thanks.

  Belatucadrus 14:29 25 Feb 2007

Unless the games are straining the PC, in which case a new graphics card may be worth considering. The PC should be quite capable of handling what you've listed.
Have you considered reformatting ? If it's been running for a few years a fresh start frequently boosts things quite nicely.
What exactly is she hoping to achieve ?

  terryf 14:32 25 Feb 2007

She could consider a new pc click here or a bundle from click here . I found the bundle I got very competitive in price and service was good. Getting a tested bundle is (in my opinion) better than buying bits and not knowing if they don't work, whether it is something you have done wrong or if the parts were defective. My son buys PCs from click here for his business and his mother-in-law :-)

  clayton 14:33 25 Feb 2007

The pcs 4 years old & she just wants it faster but im not sure buying a new mobo ect she would notice any difference for what the pcs used for.

  Ashrich 14:40 25 Feb 2007

Defragmenting it and running a registry cleaner would make a cheap difference , and regular weeps with Anti Spyware to remove any nasties would also help , If using Windows XP try running in classic mode , that releases memory to the OS and educes the load on the processor , if there are any memory slots left a bit more memory will speed things up .


  Totally-braindead 14:41 25 Feb 2007

Whatever you spend on it will probably be no use in a newer PC which will have PCI Express graphics and may well use different memory.
Without knowing what the problem is its differcult to advise. You can still get socket A processors and you could upgrade from the 2000 whcih I assume is a Athlon to the likes of a Sempron 3000 click here for very little outlay. You would need to check the board can support this, if this is the board click here it can take this click here which lists up to a Sempron 2800 though you may need to update the BIOS depending on what version she has. So thats £22.48 for the 2800 worth considering maybe.
More memory might help but I think Belatucadrus has the most cost effective solution. Blank it and reinstall from scratch, it would be back to what it was when she first got it.

  ed-0 14:57 25 Feb 2007

If you can find a barton 3200+ 200Mhz for under £30. Buy it and pop it into the board. click here. Anything else isn't worth touching. She may as well get a new board and cpu.

£53 for a click here, if they come back in stock. Socket 754 though, but will take graphics card and ram.

£30 click here and £40 click here

  clayton 15:29 25 Feb 2007

I had my eye on a 3200 barton cpu on ebay last week it sold for £80:( crazy price, the pc was reformatted about a month ago & she is running Windows xp with Athlon processor.

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