Best time to buy computers and/or components

  Sapins 10:57 13 Jun 2004

Is there any way of knowing when the "Best Time" is to buy the above, like the spring sales etc; I know Christmas is a favourite time, do manufacturers launch a new product at certain times of the year or after it has been on the market a particular time?

I ask because I hope to visit the UK soon and if possible would like to avoid buying something and then find a new version has been/is to be launched.

  jakimo 11:28 13 Jun 2004

Pcs in sales are usualy discontinued models, no matter whenever and whatever pc you buy,it will be superseeded within a mtter of months, so just look for the best spec. for your money

  pj123 13:54 13 Jun 2004

The best time to buy is when you actually need it. You know the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". There are plenty of bargains out there all the time. I would have to say that Christmas would be the one time to stay away from, prices are almost always inflated. A good site to compare prices is click here but they only compare between the BIG companies. Some smaller places like click here or click here have bargains/special offers running all the year round.

  wee eddie 14:39 13 Jun 2004

Never look back! It will be cheaper.

Murphy says, that just after you have bought, PCA will have a Report on a similar product and have given it a better rating than the one you have just bought.

  Stuartli 14:52 13 Jun 2004

As stated, there never is a best time...:-)

Make up your mind exactly what will suit your requirements for a reasonable period to come, select a system that's currently on sale and then wait for the price to drop - you won't have to wait too long.

Computer system price reductions are, in the majority of cases, due to a new, faster processor coming out, resulting in the price of current versions being lowered by Intel or AMD to suppliers.

  Sapins 15:15 13 Jun 2004

Thanks pj123, wee eddie and Stuartli, looks like I should buy what I need when I need it, so no reason to plan too far ahead of my visit.



  Sapins 15:17 13 Jun 2004

Sorry jacimo, missed thanking you as well, what a wally :-(

  pj123 15:21 13 Jun 2004

Yes, I have to agree with wee eddie. I bought a new printer for £149 and two months later it was £89. It's like the Lottery. Don't check your tickets if you never entered them, because you will always find that if you had entered them you would have won.

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