Best starters book on Photoshop 7?

  nick_j007 14:21 11 Feb 2003

Hello all, I was in Staples the other day, and came across a nice range of helpful looking books regarding PS7. None of them were cheap so I thought a quick question here might come up with something.
So please, any recommendations going?

Sicerely, Nick Jones

  €dstow 15:01 11 Feb 2003

To my mind you can't beat hands-on experience. There are comprehensive help files and tutorials in with the program which are as good or better than books to my mind and don't involve any extra expenditure.


  nick_j007 15:04 11 Feb 2003

Fair comment Ed. I'm getting there, but it's painfully slow. All new to me this one, so I'll go back and dig around in the help files.


  hssutton 15:37 11 Feb 2003

Yes go to PC World and buy Photoshop 7 in easy steps £10.99 or get Sams teach yourself in 24 hours. To my mind Easy Steps is the best.


  anchor 15:44 11 Feb 2003

Have a look at this site from Adobe; may be of some help.

click here

  hssutton 15:51 11 Feb 2003

Photoshop in Easy Steps is even cheaper online click here


  Patr100 16:10 11 Feb 2003

I have found that Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for Windows Fast and Easy by Lisa Bucki is a useful reference book to have and easy to use. Especially if you are not familiar with the terms used in Photoshop.

Paperback - 536 pages (1 July, 2002)
Premier Press; ISBN: 1931841934

£12.09 at

  shifty 16:43 11 Feb 2003

Just bought Sams teach yourself in 24hours for £14.00 at Waterstones. Just spending sometime working through it while at the desktop and so far I'm impressed. Only thing missing from this is a demonstration CD as supplied with some other manuals, although I'm led to beleive that there was a good demo disc with last months digital photographer magazine showing the correct use of the magic patch tool.

  tran1 16:52 11 Feb 2003

If you go to Amazon webiste and type in 'Photoshop 7.0', you will get many books and reviews on each of them. I have always referred to amazon whenever I'm interested in buying a book.

Amazon's Photoshop 7.0: click here

  Bingalau 17:39 11 Feb 2003

Hi! This may be not what you are looking for, but I went to night school and found that it is probably the best way to start learning. I am now able to mess around with photo's to my hearts content. I also notice that some of the things that I can now do, are earning a living for other people. Such things as removing cracks from old photographs or pimples from faces etc. are a piece of cake..A wonderful hobby. I might even buy a book now too if it will improve my enjoyment of "Photoshop".

  nick_j007 17:45 11 Feb 2003

I have over £20.00 worth of book gift vouchers left in the depths of my wallet from Xmas, so I will look into all those ideas/rec's.
Many thanks indeed in reverse order to:
tran 1

I love this forum!

Nick Jones

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