Best software for stopping cookies?

  herc182 13:35 15 Jul 2011

I am usually not that bothered by this. However, recently I have been looking at engagement rings. Now I am getting (on google chrome) adverts for rings which my girlfriend is also getting!

1 - is there something that stops them from tracking in the first place 2 - how to best remove them (on chrome)

I use prevx 3.0 as an antivirus and spybot every week.

I am using windows 7 32bit also.


  mgmcc 13:46 15 Jul 2011

You don't say which browser you're using but, in Firefox, in the Security tab of "Options" you can elect not to receive cookies or you can configure it so that they are only retained until the browser is closed.

  mgmcc 13:47 15 Jul 2011

Oops! Didn't notice that you're using Google Chrome. Have a look at its "Options" as I've never used it.

  woodchip 14:20 15 Jul 2011

Free Web Software second from top

Click Hear

  woodchip 14:29 15 Jul 2011

Have posted it the link, but cannot see where to download it from. Can anybody help

  herc182 14:36 15 Jul 2011

hi woodchip. Thanks. Whats the name of software? I will search for it.


  woodchip 15:05 15 Jul 2011

I have set it up, on line. Looks like you run it from the site. so you need to create a link to the site in your Favourites. When you start surfing click first on there web page then click on the free software and use the settings. As it says us a UK server from the list and leave the web page running in the background for it to do its job, it stops them tracing you

you will see the on/off button and a drop down for isp servers to use

  ACOLYTE 16:49 15 Jul 2011

Been using this for years,works very well,you can configure it to accept what you need and delete the rest on arrival. link text

  birdface 18:35 15 Jul 2011

When Prevx first came out it was an Anti-Malware program when did it become an anti-virus program as well.

I know most Anti-Malware programs also check for Virus's but are not classed as anti-virus programs.

Maybe it is all changed now but if so it would be called a Security Suite.

maybe give Hitman Pro a run to see if it finds any problems.

  wee eddie 22:25 15 Jul 2011

I would not be "Stopping" Cookies, but I would be "Clearing" them if I did not want someone to follow my Internet trail.

Cookies are essential for the operation of many sites and allow the Site to show which bits you have already visited, etc.

Use CCleaner to clear your Cookies and History, at the end of each session.

  Nick.A 15:22 17 Jul 2011

What is the benefit of having ‘Ccleaner’ when, as far as I know, all PCs have an inbuilt Disk Cleaner that you can use manually whenever you want?

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