Best software for recording camcorder to DVDs

  Amer 23:41 16 Oct 2005


I wonder if anyone can help.

I have masses of Sony 8mm and Digital 8 camcorder tapes that I want to burn to DVD. What's the simplest and most reliable software I can use for this. I am not too fussed about editing and artistic factors, just want to plug in my camcorder and burn as is to DVD via my computer's DVD writer. (Is it really that simple ???)

Any help/advice appreciated.

Amer Khalil

  Totally-braindead 23:45 16 Oct 2005

Do a search in the search box for "video to DVD and you'll find lots of advice. Its not quite as simple as you hope.

  Totally-braindead 23:45 16 Oct 2005

"video to DVD" meant to say.

  Amer 00:02 17 Oct 2005

Thanks for such a quick reply, sounds like a lot of hard work, tirlas and tribulations brfore things actually work...will set aside plenty of time to do this


  Maturin 08:15 17 Oct 2005

Keep it simple I think. Nero 6 reloaded (and now Nero 7) will do this task painlessly. click here

Pinnacle software is appreciated by many people too. click here

And Sonic MyDVD software is also popular. click here

Intervideo make WinDVD Creator. click here

The bottom line: there is no 'best' and you have to manage within your budget. One thing I have discovered is that making DVD is a CPU hungry task. It is worth spending money on ensuring you have a powerful PC setup to cope and reduce the time taken to make your masterpiece(s)

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