Best software for edit home movie

  Madpad_001 11:28 03 Nov 2006

What is the best software to edit home movies? I want to be able to mute the original sound and just have music playing in the background, add still pictures as well (if this is possible)


  GroupFC 11:40 03 Nov 2006

if you are using XP (SP2) - you already have quite a useful (FREE) video-editing application in Movie Maker 2. Assuming a default installation of XP, it can found Start>AllPrograms>Acessories>Windows Movie Maker.

It is able to do all that you wish, but it doesn't support burning to DVD. Have a look at my post at 9:32 click here and the links in that.

  Madpad_001 11:44 03 Nov 2006


  bjh 12:41 03 Nov 2006

From the relatively simple tasks you are suggesting, I think GroupFC is on the right track.

I use Pinnacle Studio, and Magix Movie Edit. The former is slightly easier to use, and the latter is more convoluted, but quite powerful.

Most of these packages, just like MS Office, offer hundreds of features and screen manipulations that you (or me!) would never use, so if your aims are simple, one of the cheaper packages will suffice. I found thatI started simple, then went fancy for a couple of movies, before returning to simple fades, muting parts of soundtrack, and little else.

  David4637 14:03 03 Nov 2006

Forget WMM, you can not create a DVD (VOB) with it. Studio Version 9 or 10 is probably the best long term option. David

  GroupFC 14:38 03 Nov 2006

He doesn't say that he wants to create a DVD!!

You are always putting down MM2! I had already said that it doesn't support burning to DVD (in antcipation of your post - LOL!) - why spend money on more software, when he may already have enough to do the job (for example MM2 and DVD burning s/ware that he may already have)!

  Woolwell 14:48 03 Nov 2006

I use Serif MoviePlus 5. I wouldn't say that it is the best but it does the job. I've just mixed stills and video of my holiday.

  Madpad_001 06:45 04 Nov 2006

many thanks to everyone for all your help.....

  David4637 15:40 04 Nov 2006

You will note, if you read my post, that Studio is probably the best for editting and saving to DVD, which is obviously the best saving media (video creates large files)if you want to do a lot of editting in the long term. I will not retract my statement that WMM is not much use. David

  carper 15:48 04 Nov 2006

I run Arcsoft Showbiz DVD on which you can mute the original sound track and have two other tracks for recording background music or commentary.
Regards Carper

  woodchip 16:11 04 Nov 2006

My main one is also Pinnacle Studio 9.5 although I do use others

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