Best site online for downloading music???

  AdventCalendar 23:44 13 Jan 2003
  AdventCalendar 23:44 13 Jan 2003


Ive been using Kazaa for a while, but im not too chuffed with it, as the quality of the downloads arent always too good.

Can you recommend anywhere better?


Can you advise me how i can tell what quality the music is going to make when i burn it to CD before i burn it? [am i able to check quality?]

many thanks everyone.

  Allan-263226 23:45 13 Jan 2003


  rev.bem 23:53 13 Jan 2003

i have some worms pass me the can opener!

  AdventCalendar 23:53 13 Jan 2003

why mad_allan?

wrong forum?

  tran1 23:53 13 Jan 2003

Downloading music is illegal and I don't think anyone here will help you find more sources to download from. LOL.

Anyway, You can check the quality of music before burning by listening to it before hand. (Or does quality degrade after burning? I don't know)

  AdventCalendar 23:54 13 Jan 2003

sorry people....

i geniunely thought Kazaa was all above not clued up on all this yet. I will give that a miss then.

sorry to waste your time, and thanks for the advice.

  tran1 23:59 13 Jan 2003

As most P2P programs are the same i.e allow sharing from each other directly, I don't think there will any other programs that will give you better quality stuff. Becuase its P2P, you simply cannot tell what quality music you will get. The factors you should look at, should be the file size and sometimes integrity ratings eg kazaa. Better quality stuff means a bigger file size.

The only other option is to pay for it via those music sites.

  crx16 00:11 14 Jan 2003

a link i see here a few months back. a free R.E.M. album click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:16 14 Jan 2003

Try HMV or MVC. *sigh* Or you could get a part-time job to fund the purchase of some CDs (MacDonalds, kentucky, Burger King etc.).


  shifty 08:28 14 Jan 2003

I use to download tracks for the music I already have on albums. Tried transfering tracks directly onto CD but most are well beyond it. If you are downloading it for personal use I don't see a problem, its if your planning to do the copying and selling like many are doing. Speeding on the roads is illegal but its perfectly legal to purchase a radar detector so the cameras don't catch you out.

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