best setup for drives

  asifq 09:51 22 Mar 2005

i just wanted to know what is the best way i can install a dvd rom drive, a cd-rw drive and 2 hard drives so they all work at their best performance.



  Jeffers22 16:31 22 Mar 2005

Hard drives on one IDE channel.
Optical Drives on the other IDE channel.

Do not mix them, you will slow your drive down to the pace of the optical drives.

  howard60 16:51 22 Mar 2005

as Jeffers22 says but I would make the cdrw the master.

  Jeffers22 17:04 22 Mar 2005

Yes, that is a very good point - one I should have made [blush]

  jbp1982 17:07 22 Mar 2005

asifq sorry for invading ur thread.

Which drives would slow if they are on the same IDE channel? The reason I ask is on one ribbon I have my HDD as master and my DVD-rom as slave and on the other I have my DVD-RW on its own. I didn't put it like though, the shop did, they built it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 22 Mar 2005

Your boot hard drive as master on primary IDE (0)

Your 2nd hard drive as slave on primary IDE(0)

CD-RW as master on secondary IDE(1)

DVD ROM as slave on secondary IDE(1)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 22 Mar 2005

CD or DVD on same drive as hard drive can slow the hard drive, especially if optical drive is using PIO instead of DMA.

Optical drives will drop down the DMA list (DMA5 to PIO) if windows detects or has trouble reading bad CD /DVDs.

  jbp1982 17:15 22 Mar 2005

PIO or DMA? I'm new to this lot and its beyond me, but is it a real big issue??

Thankyou for answering me.

  asifq 17:28 22 Mar 2005

thanx guys.i'll try that..

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