Ben_uk 17:12 10 Dec 2004

Now that prices have come down I want to buy a SatNav system for my car (online today PC World have the all-in-one TomTom Go for £399- the simplest solution. They also offer IPAQ1710 + seperate TomTom car kits at £299. I'm very torn on which to get. Although the seperate systems aren't so neat there's the bonus of having a Pocket PC u can take anywhere, and of course if one bit goes wrong it makes life simpler to put right. However he most important thing is that whatever system I get works well and is easy to use hence any advice would be very helpful.

  Peter 17:20 10 Dec 2004


Sorry to hijack your thread, but I am interesed in these devices as well. Perhaps you, or another member, would know if you have to subscribe to some service (satelite or GPS?) to get these devices to operate or do they just operate "out of the box"?


  Cook2 18:29 10 Dec 2004

Ben_uk I did a thread on the same subject recently. It's quite confusing if you need French maps as well as the installed GB ones.

I found a site this afternoon with the iPAQ1710+Tom tom, complete in car with European roads included for £349. Now I can't find it.

There are several on the market for £299.99.

I will watch this thread with interest incase anything else arises.

NB. There is no subscription for these systems but there is a charge when using a mobile phone fro routes/traffic information.

  Cook2 18:31 10 Dec 2004

I forgot to add the link to my thread click here where you may get some ideas.

  g0nvs 20:37 10 Dec 2004

Been using Tom-Tom GO since August and very pleased with It. Works fine in a truck, no external ant needed either.

  Peter 09:58 11 Dec 2004

Received by email from Ben_uk

"The GPS systems we are looking at do not require a subscription. There is a live service for more expensive (very) fitted in car systems should you have won the lottery). Some of systems require quite expensive software for additional European countries (PC World reckoned around £100 a time). I've noticed that some but not all the better systems can be updated by the web, which I assume is preferable. There are some cheap systems to avoid which on closer inspection I found didn't have voice directions which for me is the number one requirement. Have to admit the prices do seem very good at PC World (even better online), I'm just a bit wary of buying there in case things go wrong (I wonder why)! Without exception everyone I've spoken to has said that the SatNav systems they've got have been a fantastic buy particularly for the wives it seems who now fearlessly venture across the UK to far flung designer outlets! Seriously if anyone else is investigating GPS systems please add your comments and suggestions. The well known TomTom Go has earned a very high reputation it seems, but I like the idea of having seperate PDA+TomTom as you then have the PDA to play with when not travelling."

I agree with Ben_uk that voice directions are a must have and would welcome any further comments from other forum members.


  oldal 10:25 11 Dec 2004

I am also in the market for a GPS system. I think TomTom is probably the way to go ! but am undecided which option to choose, like ben-uk. Does anyone know if the software installed in the TomTom Go is the same as that available for handhed pc's.

  Cook2 14:20 11 Dec 2004

Have a look click here

Tom Tom highly praised on here so have just ordered one.

  LANDCRUISER 15:50 11 Dec 2004

have a look in halfords i saw they do quiet a lot of sat navs

  sat481 16:02 11 Dec 2004

I have an IPAQ 2210 with TomTom Navigator 3 on it. It is superb and now I never get lost. The added advantage of having the Pocket PC is also great. I have e-books on it for reading on trains and such. Word for reading work documnets and then theres the contact list and email facilities on it. I couldn't live without it these days.
My friend had TomTom Go and again it is a very good piece of kit. He loves it but now has also bought a Pocket Pc.. Think of the money he could have saved??


  fitshase 21:04 11 Dec 2004

I have the TomTom Go and could not fault it. It is easy to use straight out of the box. I have invested in an external antenna so I can get the best possible signal.

Be cautious if your car has a heat reflecting windscreen as this can (and usually will) block the GPS signal.

I went for the TomTom Go because I didn't want the clutter of additional pieces of kit (PDA, antenna, etc) and wires. I also would have no use for a PDA. Given that, the TomTom Go is small, compact and very easy to use as it is a touch screen with large icons.

£399 is a bargain as they were selling for £499 only a couple of months ago.



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