best res for hdtv

  User-70C5C3A1-F4B5-4C00-B159FFCBC9FDB517 18:50 14 May 2008

Hey all,Just got my new pc :)
Ive set it up with my hdtv on a ati hd3650, dvi-hdmi,

whats the best resolution to have it set at?
there is just to many to choose from.

thanks adam

  skidzy 18:59 14 May 2008

Good question and some will say different resolutions.

However,when my pc runs through my 40" lcd hdtv its set to 1680 x 1050,though i have not tinkered with it for a while.

Others will have there own ideas.

  MAT ALAN 19:02 14 May 2008

different resolutions. thats what i say!!!

  skidzy 19:16 14 May 2008

Ello me ol mucker...sounds like the question has been answered then Lol :-))

  MAT ALAN 19:19 14 May 2008

orite skidz me old "conkers bonkers mate" its rather an open ended question, its really down to whatever you perceive to be right for you english113

start at the settings skidzy has sugested and work from there...

lol :) so in simple just play about it with it

done and closed a think :P

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