Best Program to Mirror Hard Drive?

  pmv 20:59 10 Jan 2003
  pmv 20:59 10 Jan 2003

I have a 20gb drive with Windows 2000. Taking advice from a recent PC Advisor Mag I want to install a second drive & create a mirror image of the first as a foolproof backup. Any experience of a good program that will work with Win2000 or Win NT please?

  jimv7 21:00 10 Jan 2003

Norton ghost 2002 or 2003.

  Joe McG 21:08 10 Jan 2003

pmv, a good reliable program.

You can also have a free trial period to let you see how it works. click here

  Chris the Ancient 21:08 10 Jan 2003


Good support on how to use it at click here

Go for it.


  Lú-tzé 21:12 10 Jan 2003

click here for a top quality guide to ghost.

  Taran 21:16 10 Jan 2003

The market leaders are Symantec Norton Ghost and PowerQuest Drive Image. Both are excellent tools and both enjoy a large following of users.

Preference is very much the theme when buying, since Ghost 2003 will do pretty much everything that Drive Image can do and vice versa.

I use both and I have to say in my experience Ghost is marginally faster at creating its backups. This is not normally a vast difference, only a few minutes or so overall, and aside from that it's almost entirely down to personal preference and who is offering the best price to you at point of sale.

There are alternatives, but the above are the best of the bunch.



  jimv7 21:19 10 Jan 2003

Load windows complete with all drivers, run ghost to create a boot floppy.

Insert floppy and boot to ghost.

Follow the menu to create image from 'c' and copy to cd writer(if you have 1)enable spanning and high compression.

Propably take 2 cd's and you have an image of your hard drive onto cd.

(if no cdrw) do the same but instead of spanning to cd, copy full image to 2nd hard drive.

  Eastender 21:23 10 Jan 2003

I ordered Norton's Ghost 2003 from Dabs Wednesday night it arrived this morning and I had an image of my HDD on CDR and tested within an hour.

Never used it before but I would recommend it to everyone.

I think HDD to HDD would be even faster.

  Chris the Ancient 21:30 10 Jan 2003

I used to partition to partition copy. Then I got a 2nd hard drive.

It's like the difference between a 56k modem and broadband! We-e-e-e-e-e! Seriously, a copy that used to take 40 minutes is done in about 15.


  Eastender 22:07 10 Jan 2003

I nearly ordered a HDD at the same time as the Ghost but I'm still paying for Christmas. :o)

Perhaps in a couple of months, any tips by the way.

Sorry pmv if I'm hijacking your thread, hope you don't mind but it is the same subject.

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