Best place for screensavers.

  Daveson 13:35 31 Aug 2004

Hi there, i am bored to death of the screen savers that come with xp and am looking for some new ones. Can anyone point me in the right direction ? Cheers.

  steve0 13:54 31 Aug 2004

Have a look at this - try the demo - run at high res as possible, you can see incredible detail.

click here

  Stuartli 14:09 31 Aug 2004

Why not just use the system...?

  Daveson 11:19 01 Sep 2004

Use the system ?

  The Sheep 11:25 01 Sep 2004

think he means to use one of the screensavers that come bundled with windows.

  daidash 11:40 01 Sep 2004

Try webshots it is a freebee that offers you 5 new screensavers or wallpaper daily

  Daveson 20:00 01 Sep 2004

Hi there, just to say thanks for your feedback, oh and to stuartli... if you read my post it states that i am quite bored with the usual windows bundled screensavers and thats why i am asking for the best places to get new ones so i will try out the suggestions.

Thanks again.

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