Best phone for apps & games

  Covergirl 12:09 16 Nov 2010

I've already posted this on the "Mobile World" forum without response. It might do better here!

HTC, Samsung or LG?

I don't know much about phones so please excuse the naivity of the questions here and put me right where necessary. Thanks.

I'm looking for a new smartphone around the £100-£150 mark and like the look of the game "I Dig It" but can't stretch to the price of an iPhone.
Do any of the above phones have similar quality graphics in their games?

I've also seen some good stuff on the HTC Desire - would the HTC Smart have the same apps & games available?

Also looking for quality apps.

Then again, is it all down to the OS?

Your opinions would be appreciated please.

  Strawballs 12:46 16 Nov 2010

click here This might help

  Woolwell 13:02 16 Nov 2010

In my experience battery life is very poor when you start playing games or using apps extensively on smart phones.
Not sure that I Dig It is available for Android. Someone else will put me right.

  Covergirl 13:22 16 Nov 2010

I did look at Mobil Advisor (which I didn't think much of) but didn't get to the Reviews page.

  Covergirl 19:43 16 Nov 2010

That just made everything so much more complex!

However, I've managed to rule out the HTC Smart due to lack of WiFi.

Now to tackle the issue of capacitive or resistive touch screens, Android 1.6 and poor viewing angles . . . .

I'll go for the apps, games, gps and WiFi. If it makes phone calls, that'll be a bonus!!

  Nontek 20:58 16 Nov 2010

I suggest you have a look at the HTC Wildfire, I got one of these rather than the Desire - the Wildfire has longer talk-time and longer standby-time than the Desire. Loads of Apps and relatively easy to get it to work properly. I use the Navigation and maps quite a bit.

  Nontek 20:58 16 Nov 2010

PS - including 'Street view' ........

  Covergirl 22:12 16 Nov 2010

Thanks Nontek - it looks good, sounds good but is a bit over budget, and the deals are £15 for 18 months which make it well over budget.

Favourite at the moment is the LG Optimus GT540 - but if it turns out to be cheap & tacky in real life I'll have to look around again.

By the way, I'm on O2 pay & go and wasn't intending taking out a contract, although the Simplicity deals look quite good for voice & texts.

Intending to use the new phone over WiFi for apps; hopefully get some GPS with whatever I get.

Thanks all

  Strawballs 01:41 17 Nov 2010

My wife has sony xperia x10 very good phone has by far the best camera came second in the PCA magazine best android phone beaten only by the Samsung galaxy s

  Covergirl 09:43 17 Nov 2010

The Experia X10 looks a good machine and has impressive specs in the O2 magazine. Unfortunately I can't stretch to £400 pay & go or the monthly subs. Might as well get an iPhone for that money!

Ditto the Samsung Galaxy.

I'll let you know my opinions on the Optimus, probably tomorrow.

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