Best paid for Security Suite?

  Chissy 10:12 06 Mar 2008

I volunteer for a local charity and they are about to start on-line banking and salary payments using a single PC. Their exec committee have asked me to check out full security packages. They specifically wish to pay for a full package for peace of mind and support.

This forum has been so helpful before and I'd would appreciate any comments/thoughts from folk on here.

Many thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 10:20 06 Mar 2008

I think this will tell you all you need to know click here


  beynac 10:34 06 Mar 2008

I would recommend Kaspersky Internet Security. It has a very good reputation and does not use a lot of system resources.

click here

  Chissy 10:42 06 Mar 2008

Thanks Technotiger for your link. However the exec would rather pay for a complete package for this particular PC, we do use freebies on all the others in the office (as do I at home), which is why the postings like Beynac's are what I'm after.

Hope that doesn't appear ungrateful but that is the exec's remit!!

  xania 11:07 06 Mar 2008

There are loads of suites reviews out there. Everyone will have their favorites and anyone who posts their's here will no doubt generate reams of objections. So the best thing would be for you to read the reviews yourself and make up your own mind between the likes of:

McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 - click here

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite - click here

AVG, Panda and Sophos - click here

CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2008 - click here

Symantec Norton Internet Security 2008 - click here

but look on click here

for good prices.

  ventanas 11:19 06 Mar 2008

One not mentioned yet. Arguably the best anti-virus there is. The other items are relatively new.

  ventanas 11:19 06 Mar 2008

Sorry, link would have helped

click here

  bjh 13:55 06 Mar 2008

I regularly use McAfee, Kaspersky and PC Cillin, all in suite forms (all on different machines in different environments). Kaspersky seems to be the most rounded package. It is very strong in the all-important areas, and not bad in all the others. It has had a sustained top reputation for over 3 years. McAfeeis weaker in some important areas, but is easy to use, and is particularly cheap. PC Cillin used to be a favourite, but I'm afraid it isn't as good. I meet Norton in one of the labs I visit, but it doesn't really seem anything to write home about.

There are plenty of reviews out there, and they'll give you a good outline of features, as others have posted. All I am trying to add is that in every day use, Kaspersky does an excellent job compared to the others.

  The Kestrel 15:35 06 Mar 2008

click here for a review which compares all the most up to date security suites.

  Woolwell 15:35 06 Mar 2008

I work for a local church group which has charity status. You have to be careful using freebies that you are not breaking the licence terns which are normally for home use only.
We used to use McAfee but found that it had a few snags in its latest update (it seemed to slow some of our older PC's down). We now use Kaspersky which doesn't demand a lot of resources and seems to work well.

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