Best Page File Location?

  Timmy!! 09:46 02 Aug 2004

I've read that its best to partition a drive and to give the Windows page file its own partition.

I was wondering however, what people's opinions were on this and whether there would be any advantage of having the page file in its own partition on a second(physical) drive??

  temp003 10:23 02 Aug 2004

I don't think it's worth the effort unless your system really needs this little tweak.

If you're constantly short of memory, better add memory.

If you want to do the tweak anyway, use the first partition on the 2nd disk for the page file.

If you use XP, you can have more than one pagefile. Keep your regular page file on C, but set it to a smaller amount perhaps. Set your 2nd page file on the 2nd disk. XP is supposed to be able to choose the most efficient page file to use (so MS claims).

Then there's the question of whether the 2nd hdd should be on the same IDE channel as the first hdd - that would depend on how many IDE channels you have, how many optical drives you have, and what you usually use the hdds and optical drives for .... Not worth the trouble.

  cga 11:00 02 Aug 2004

I had a thread on this at the weekend click here

I have since made space at the start of my 2nd disk an put my pagefile there. It definately gives an improvement in performance. I do not have a pagefile on disk1 at all.

If you are going to have a page file on disk 1 then, providing it is a fixed size (custom size with default and maximum the same) then there a separate pasrtition would appear to be a disadvantage as this increases disk head movement.

  Timmy!! 12:03 02 Aug 2004

Thanks for your help guys.

Just to fill in a little bit more, I was looking into this info for a new PC i'm about to build so it'll have plenty of RAM (1GB) anyway but i just thought that before I started installing and setting up stuff that I'd get my facts straight!

I think i'm going to go with 2 SATA drives on separate IDE channels. The 1st used for windows XPPro (& possibly multi-boot) & programs partioned in some way and the second drive partitioned for the page file and for all my music files.

If you see any glaring probs with this please let me know!

Thanks again for your help.

  cga 12:34 02 Aug 2004

Sounds good to me. For a very long time now I have kept all data files out of the system partition. Make the system (and partticularly the backup) much more manageable.

I do have a multi-boot system - got me out of trouble on a number of occasions. I don't use XP's built in multi-boot because that means the two partitions are not completely indipendant. However there are a few tricks to setting up the two partitions to be completely separate. I use BootMagic as my boot manager.

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