Best option for a perminant email address

  j3nks 15:32 09 Aug 2005

I'm looking to change my ISP which looks like I will loose my main email that I have been using for about 4 years. To avoid having to email everyone with my new email if I change again what is the best option.
I want a mail account that will download to outlook.
Should I be looking at registering a domain or using some form of web mail service that can download to outlook.
Any sugestions would be apreciated

  Tycho 15:52 09 Aug 2005

I just sent a reply to this but it has not appeared. This is a test before I try again.


  scotty 15:53 09 Aug 2005

Are you sure you need to change your address? I recently moved to broadband with a new ISP. I only needed to change the SMTP server name in the account setup. My original address is with Virgin who have been pretty reliable. They provide two useful features - forwarding to another address and webmail access. So even if you had problems accessing the account from your new ISP, there are options for accessing your old address.

  Tycho 15:58 09 Aug 2005

It worked that time!

You can set up a free webmail account and use the automatic forwarding (Make sure the one you choose allows this. I know Gmail does.) to send emails to your pop address.

In order to avoid confusion you can set Outlook to have replis sent to the webmail address. If you don't know haow to do this then ask in te next post.


  Completealias 16:01 09 Aug 2005

Prehaps a yahoo or a gmail account both of these can be setup to deliver to Outlook Express or another mail client.

If you would like a gmail invite feel free to email me and i'll send you one.

  Stuartli 16:07 09 Aug 2005

You can keep your present e-mail address by opening a PAYG account with the same ISP; configure OE to pick up your e-mails from that source when you switch ISPs.

I also have a family name domain (i.e. Christian name as a result of my son acquiring the surname as a domain. Very classy...:-)

Individual family members just use their Christian name in front of the domain link.

The offspring took this step as I beat him to be first with the family surname at the then WorldOnline and he didn't wish to be known as xxx ...:-)

  smokingbeagle 19:04 09 Aug 2005

click here

No noticeable delays and no spam and it is free.

  palinka 19:10 09 Aug 2005

to avoid having to change my address I use Bigfoot. It's free. It forwards to any address you choose; so as far as my friends are concerned my email address is [email protected], even though I've changed my ISP and therefore my "real" address several times in the last 5 years.
Dopn't know if it works with Outlook , but i assume it does; I use OE.

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