Best OCR software

  Tony 17:24 30 Nov 2005

Greetings -- I am trying to decide which OCR software to go for. I think basically it's a *[email protected]: up between Omnipage standard 15 and Abbyy FineReader version 8.
These are both

  Tony 17:33 30 Nov 2005

Greetings again I'm afraid my first message got sent before I finished it. Basically I'm trying to decide whether to buy OmniPage standard 15 or Abbyy FineReader version 8. These are both priced similarly providing I don't go for the OmniPage pro version.
I also believe the backup help for Abbyy FineReader is a lot better. Anyone any thoughts on this -- Best wishes -- Tony Hunter.

  woodchip 17:36 30 Nov 2005

I use Omnipage Pro 14 It does as I can see a perfect job and its easy to use

  Wuggy 22:23 30 Nov 2005

I'm the same as woodchip. I use Omnipage Pro V.14. It does a first class job with very little correction required in OCR scans. I don't think the very slight incresae in characer recognition in V 15 is worth the money or the trouble. If you can pick up a version 14 of Omnipage Pro (and it should, by now, be heavily discounted) it would be a good buy.

  woodchip 22:53 30 Nov 2005

It only cost me £20 plus p&p from Serif with a free USB hub and DrawPlus 6 but this is only for reguler buyers from them. You could give them a Ring and ask. It does not cost to ask. PS it also creates and allows editing of PDF files

  Tony 16:10 01 Dec 2005

Thank you Woodchip and Wuggy. Hopefully my decision is made as I have phoned up Serif and managed to get the same deal as you did Woodchip and they are sending me OmniPage Pro version 14 for £19 99 plus postage and packaging.
In case you're interested I had another offer only today from Serif whereby they are advertising a speech recognition program ViaVoice pro 10 for nine pounds 99 which is excellent value if you are after anything like that. Thanks again for your help -- Best wishes -- Tony Hunter

  woodchip 16:13 01 Dec 2005

yes got it i may send for it

  Newby 11:50 17 Feb 2006

I got the VV 10 Pro from Seris too. I've bought so much stuff from over the years I ought to own the company. They are excellent in their aftersales tech support too.By the way I got Abby FineReader with my Epson scanner and they both work fine. I think I might have an Omnipage Pro stashed away somewhere, but I just never got around to using it.

  Newby 11:52 17 Feb 2006

I must be getting dislectic. Serif not Seris (you'll have figured that out anyway).

  stylehurst 14:34 17 Feb 2006

A word of warning to Tony, I installed ViaVoice 10 a couple of years back and it crashed the machine due to a conflict with Norton. Suggestion from IBM was remove Norton AV.
I removed ViaVoice, hopefully the problem has now been resolved but do be careful.

  terryf 02:24 18 Feb 2006

Chuck out Norton and instal AVG Free :-)

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