Best Media Players for Wave files.

  MickE1 19:02 01 Apr 2003

I am looking for a decent Media player, my choice at present is Real one but like all the others, it plays cds fine but jumps on playing wave files. It does not matter which software is used to make the waves.I am not keen on Windows 8 or 9.
I am also concerned that if waves do not play smoothly, that they will not make good copies to my new Plextor x48. Can anyone help ?

  leo49 19:10 01 Apr 2003

click here

The paid for New version is the business.Plays everything including Real and Quicktime media, records,converts,rips and burns.It's the best I've used.


  MickE1 19:44 01 Apr 2003

Thanks leo49, I have tried Jet but version basic, I like the look of it and am impressed with the effects, flanging etc., but it still clicks on Waves. Are you sure the bought version will differ ? Also I like the visualisations but they appear to be random rather than music driven ?

  leo49 19:54 01 Apr 2003

No, I obviously can't say the extension version will differ.I find it strange that you're getting these clicks on .wavs in every player - that would lead me to look at the .wav creation process. How are you ripping them?

I've never ever looked at the visualisations, I had my fill of those at Pink Floyd concerts 30 odd years ago!


  Eagie 20:12 01 Apr 2003

Whats wrong with good ol' Windows Media Player?

  MickE1 20:14 01 Apr 2003

This is why I posted the original question.I have been trying various rips, prior to deciding on how to proceed with the new cdrw unit.It comes with Nero and Plextools , I have ripped with both and I have also used CdEx and virtual CD3 (which also uses wave files).As I say all the players are fine on live cd. Listening to wave files I get these random repeats , like the bit stream can't keep up.Also, if you try to do anything else, like use another program whilst listening, then you get clicks, but not on cd. Surely it is possible to listen to music and work at the same time? The windows 9 seems to even random click on listening to cds, when using others programs. Sorry it's got a bit long but thought I should explain.

  MickE1 20:19 01 Apr 2003

Eagie.. I used windows Media 8 for ages, then went on to the Media 9 beta, but I started getting clips and interupts.I then went on to Real one which seemed better,when media 9 final version was released I tried it again but still the same !

  cracker23 20:52 01 Apr 2003

How about Audacity.I've used it for a while now and found it quite good.Not used it for anything but wav files tho'.You can find it at click here

  MickE1 21:04 01 Apr 2003

cracker23 thanks I'll try Audacity

  cracker23 21:28 01 Apr 2003

Your welcome.Hope it's what your looking for:-) Let us know

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