Best laptop - Dell or Toshiba

  Modwolves 16:17 13 Dec 2007

I am buying my first laptop and have narrowed my options down to a choice of two;
Toshiba P200-1ED, and;
DELL Inspiron 1521.

If you have an opinion on either machine i would love to hear it. I am wanting to get the best possible value for my money. I will mostly be using it for downloading, streaming, DVD, music, and internet browsing, and would like to pick the one with the best overall performance and picture quality.
Please copy and paste the links below to view a specification.

Dell Inspiron 1521
click here

Toshiba P200-1ED
click here

Replies will much appreciated.

  Modwolves 18:34 13 Dec 2007

Anyone want to share their knowledge on this?

  Mrs.KnowitAll 18:56 13 Dec 2007

I just bought a Toshiba Laptop that has 2G DDR2 Memory, 160GB Hard Drive and a 1.80GHz AMD Athlon x2 Processor for 499.99 at Office Depot. In your case I would get the dell because streaming, DVD, and music causes a lot of memory usage. The dell has 160GB and the toshiba has 120GB, that 40GBs extra does mean a lot.

  Coffee Adict 20:17 13 Dec 2007

I have a Toshiba, 1yr 5days old and its never missed a beat. Look and see how many queries Dell get in the help forums as opposed to Toshiba. Its a personal choice, some people wouldn't touch either with a barge pole, but I bought Toshiba because of the three televisions I've had in the last 20yrs the Toshiba has been the most reliable.

  Modwolves 20:42 13 Dec 2007

Thanks guys, was hoping it would be a landslide for one or the other, so still at square one

  johnem 21:11 13 Dec 2007

At the end of the day, both are good machines and it will be down to personal preference/choice. had two Tosh laptops, brilliant bits of kit, but have not had a Dell so cannot compare.

  laurie53 10:49 14 Dec 2007

Tosh were at one time the market leaders in laptops at one time, and in my view they still are.

  EARLR 11:01 14 Dec 2007

from Lidl. Very powerful, great 3 year warranty (Pick up and return )I Have 3 of them.
Good luck

  Modwolves 13:17 14 Dec 2007

thanks guys, great comments so far.
I am drawn to the Large 17 inch screen on the toshiba, but do not want to compromise on the speed and power that the dell inspiron 1521 offers.
I am an adequate pc user but am not good with details such as processors and graphics etc.
the toshiba offers 1.46GHz whereas the dell offers 1.9GHz
Is performance likely to suffer on the toshiba with the lower spec. i am likely to be running multiple applications at the same time.

  johnem 13:41 14 Dec 2007

It would be a close call, bigger hard drive, almost double size according to latest blurb and potentially faster processor on Dell against bigger screen on Toshiba. Soon it will be decision time - which way now? Let us know. Sure you will be pleased with whichever one you choose.

  FreeCell 18:07 14 Dec 2007

We have both Dell and Toshiba laptops. Both have been reliable and solid performers.

If you want 17 inch screen then look at the Dell 1721 or 1720. Depends on the limit of your budget. The advantage of Dell is that you can, to some extent, specify the configuration of your machine much more flexibly than Toshiba. With Toshiba you have to find the model they make that has what you want (and the bits you don't).

I wouldn't be put off too much by the comment about postings on Dells on this site. The reason there are a lot is that Dells are popular and offer good value so lots of people have bought them. They also ship a lot of destop machines which Toshiba don't so you would need to review any comment to see if it relates to a notebook or desttop.

Having said that I am typing this on a Toshiba!

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