Best Laptop Battery?

  sn11 22:43 10 Jun 2009

I have the Asus Lamborghini Vx2s which I recently bought from PC World. I was told in no uncertain terms that the large bit on the back of the display model was the battery and it was so big because it had a NINE HOUR battery life.

I figured the spec was great and nine hour battery would be amazing (even if it was nine hours not doing anything I figured using it would give at min four-five)

So anyway, I've since found out thats a "power station" which has to be plugged in to work... Not so great for 'on the move' and the battery is just a normal battery not sticking out etc and is about 2-3 hours...

Now I bought this laptop so I could watch some films and get a little work done when I fly to the US later in the month (10 hour flight) but obviously 2-3 hours isn't going to be long enough.

Just wondering whether anyone can recommend me a good battery which will last as long as possible and the rough time length it'll last for, I know it depends on whether its battery save mode (which it will be).

Or whether theres anyway of plugging in the laptop on the plane maybe?


  T I M B O 22:47 10 Jun 2009

I have no idea about the batteries, but some flights supply electricity i believe.

  peter99co 11:30 11 Jun 2009

Laptop Power Supplies

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Air/Auto Supplies

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  Kevscar1 07:38 12 Jun 2009

By the sounds of it you were deliberatly misinformed to get you to buy that item and it,s not fit for purpose. I would be taking it back and demanding a refund.

  mydvson 13:32 30 Jun 2009

yet i have not found any affordable 10hs-last laptop battery. My suggestion is to get a spare battery or an external laptop battery, click here has 2000mah capacity external laptop batteries, but i don't know whether the battery will fit your laptop or not.

  peter99co 19:52 01 Jul 2009

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My Laptop now runs for two hours. It used to be 30 mins. Installed a 4400mAh battery was 2000mAh

  frankwood 15:55 08 Jul 2009

Look This One

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  Jim_F 14:15 09 Jul 2009

From ads I've seen the original appears to come with a a 5200 mah battery pack so the replacements at 4400 will not give you an improvement.

Running on power saving mode will help as will disabling devices you don't need. Indexing should definitely be off as should virus checkers, and Vista aero and advanced effects as these draw addirional power via the GFX card.

I seem to recall the Virgin flights provided power sockets but its always worth asking.

Like an earlier poster I've used Global batteries and was happy with the quality and speed of delivery but their part is only 4400 mah.

  Tech_Guy 23:53 17 Nov 2009

Plenty of high quality laptop batteries here:

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UK company and good prices. Have used them, customer service and delivery very good. Definately recommended.

  DemiDan 13:08 27 Nov 2009

I bought a battery as below :
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It's the same models,but are with diffirent price.

  User-1229748 13:41 27 Nov 2009

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