Best ISP for low latency

  de_de 21:33 01 Apr 2004

I have heard BT broadband is the best provider to go for for online gaming because it uses the main internet pipe 'collossas' which no other ISP uses. Because of this you get the lowest latency. Does anyone know if this is true, it seems plausable. Are there any other ISP's well known for there fast gaming qualities? In the mean time is there anything I can do to optimise my dialup modem to getter better lower ping rates - currently 300-400 an getting annialated on Halo!

  Giggle n' Bits 21:44 01 Apr 2004

I would say a contributing factor is a mix of your line, the equipment the isp, the PC.
I do prefer NTL or Freeserve over BT.

  Djohn 00:05 02 Apr 2004

Although I don't play on-line games, the ISP I'm with as built up a very good reputation with gamers for being very fast.

It's one of the smaller of the well known ISP's and has plenty of headroom on it's servers. Also is highly recommended in the ADSL guide, in fact they have it has the fastest provider at the moment.

Quote from their site.

The UK's Fastest Broadband Provider
It's official - Zen Internet provides the fastest broadband in the UK, leading other ISPs by a healthy margin that's confirmed in the latest independent testing.

Regular performance checks on connections made by over 25,000 broadband customers using Britain's top ten providers are completed by, the acknowledged authority providing league table results to press and Internet publishers since 2000. End Quote.

click here and the ADSL site is click here I'm very pleased with them, fast and reliable, needs no tinkering with, and I've never had any contact with them since placing the order for the install some 4-5 months back. Ordered/connected and on-line in 3 days. j.

  hugh-265156 00:21 02 Apr 2004

im with ntl on the 600k service and would recommend them.the contention ratio is 20:1 which is pretty good.

latency explained click here although this is geared toward ntl/blueyonder set ups it should give you some info on causes etc.may be useful.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 00:27 02 Apr 2004

Although i have no idea what latency or internet pipe thingy is i play online games quite alot and am with BT and its plenty fast enough for me
can only frag so many at a time no matter how fast the connection,lol.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 00:32 02 Apr 2004

Are you on dial up 56k? playing halo on that is suicde,lol as for the ping rates that depends on your connection and the server you are playing on also the people on the server with you ,even on BB if someone has a high ping it will slow down e1 else.


  Djohn 00:36 02 Apr 2004

I'm with you on this, totally confused with latency, always mix up my pings and pongs so off to have a read up on the subject! ;o)

  de_de 11:36 02 Apr 2004

Thanks for the replies, i'll check ZEN broadband out, and do further research into BT. Yep i aslo had a hunch that the ping rate is dependant on several factors like you said Kinloss. Yes i am playing halo on dial-up and it is suicidal! Amazingly enough though im not finishing bottom even though im usually the one with the most lag! This will train me well...then when i get broadband i'll be a master! I'll also read more about latency..thanks huggy.

  deadneat 12:36 02 Apr 2004

I got BT BB to play Halo. I too was getting similar pings and disconnected. If your ping is bad it laaaags everyone even ppl on BB. I now get pings between 50 - 60. This is the best game I have played online. Ex Quake 3 fan. Try Unreal 2004 demo when you get on BB.

  darkjedimistress 12:44 02 Apr 2004

I play this regular on my 512 connection and usually have the highest ping rate amongst the players online.....

Been with Telewest for about 4 years now with Broadband and rarely encountered problems..

  deadneat 12:51 02 Apr 2004

yer but do you have the highest frag rate? :-)

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