Best Internet Security?

  bald eagle1 11:07 18 Aug 2007

I'm fed up with Norton Internet Security slowing down my (old) PC, and the increasing price each year. I am offered free stuff from Virgin broadband but is it any good? Or are there any recommended packages that don't slow it down and are at a reasonable price?
Any advice very appreciated!

  VoG II 11:20 18 Aug 2007

Ad-aware click here
Spybot click here
Superantispyware click here
Spywareblaster click here
AVG Antispyware click here
Windows Defender click here
AVG Antivirus click here
ZoneAlarm click here
A-squared click here

  birdface 13:29 18 Aug 2007

Hi.I am also with Virgin,But I use AVG Anti-Virus,A Squared,SpywareBlaster. Win Patrol.McAfee Site Advisor.I find those programs adequate for my needs.I would recommend everyone to have the last three selections.I find them Invaluable to the safeguard of my computer.The first two I think are great,But everyone has there different choice,Registry cleaners I have C Cleaner + Winaso Registry Optimizer Trial version,[You get it for a year but it only clears 10 items at a time,But you can run it as often as you like,]Mail,I use E-Promoter to get rid of the spam before it gets to my Inbox.Will not bore you with the rest,But it gives you someplace to start.

  birdface 15:50 18 Aug 2007

I should also have said that I use Kerio Firewall,In simple mode it works just like Windows Firewall.No pop ups all the time wanting you to accept or deny programs.It Does not give you full protection like some others do,But I am sure someone will be able to explain it a bit better than myself.

  Pineman100 16:17 18 Aug 2007

A recent issue of PCA did a security software group test and - if memory serves - gave Kaspersky's security software click here the number one spot.

I also seem to remember a recent cover disk having a free trial (6 months?) of this.

Nod32 by Eset click here also seems to be well regarded, not least because it's pretty slim, and so doesn't hog system resources.

  mfletch 16:19 18 Aug 2007

Hi If you want a all in one package I would go for,

kaspersky Internet security 7.0

click here

You can give it a free trail before you buy it,

I use,

Avast Antivirus {FREE} click here

Comodo Firewall {FREE} click here

And, SAS Superantispyware
AVG Antispyware
Spybot SaD


  bald eagle1 16:53 18 Aug 2007

The free ones are obviously a good price but what is the catch? I'm guessing Kaspersky and the like are a better product otherwise everyone would be using the freebies????????

  Pine Man 17:42 18 Aug 2007

There is no catch. If you want your security handled by individual programs you can get excellent ones completely free.

If you want your security handled by a suite you gotta pay!

  Belatucadrus 17:53 18 Aug 2007

The good freebies, avast!, AVG & Avira are reputable commercial products that give one, or two copies, depending on license to non profit home users only. Commercial users have to buy the pro version and that's where the money comes from. The pro users usually get a few control interface tweaks not available to the users of the free and a better support package. But the freebies do the job.

  birdface 18:21 18 Aug 2007

All the ones I gave you are free,But even the pay ones If I were given them free,I would probably stay with what I have,Not just because they are free,They are also very good.

  woodchip 18:29 18 Aug 2007

I use Avast, but told that Kaspersky is the best click here

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