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  madPentium 21:13 20 Dec 2003

I have recently had a bad batch of both seagate and maxtor drives (80gig). Should I class this as un-normal or is there a better make to go for?
I've had a maxtor as my system drive for a year now with no probs, and a seagate on the 2nd ide channel for 2 years, still zipping along. I thought these were 2 very good brands ?

The problems I had with 5 of each of those drives was bad clusters developing. Running chkdsk /r did fix them, but the same clusters became unstable within an hour of use again.

Wierd I know.

  Jester2K II 21:15 20 Dec 2003

I would say thats ab-normal.

Always use Seagates and never had a problem. My original 4 Gb is still in my mates PC running Windows XP.

It could be a bad batch of Seagate (does happen with all makes) Maybe look at the warranty and after sales care. Decide from that if you can..

  MAJ 21:17 20 Dec 2003

Normally, Maxtor, Seagate and Western Digital drives are the ones to go for, madPentium. Looks like you've been unlucky.

  madPentium 21:18 20 Dec 2003

The drives were all replaced with no questions, thats another reason I like them so much.

Its just when you spend time building a machine for a specific purpose, set it all up and the damn hard drive fails. This is just slightly annoying.

  alcudia 22:09 20 Dec 2003

Recently bought three Seagates, even after having one fail. Two years old and replaced within a week. I know it's annoying when one dies on you, but I don't think I would any other make. And they're a doddle to set up with their disk wizard.

  sdf 22:12 20 Dec 2003

Every Seagate Barracuda I have ever bought has served me well. Not much luck with western Digital though - had 3 fail on me

  madPentium 22:36 20 Dec 2003

thanks for all your input, I think I'll stick with them and put it down to a bad day at the factory :)

  carver 22:44 20 Dec 2003

I've just had 2 Maxtor DiamondMax 9 80GB/ata133/7200rpm hard drives fail within 3 days of installing them, first one sounded like a cement mixer and the second one started sounding like a floppy drive with the amount of clicking coming from it. When I checked on the Maxtor site both had been made within a week of each other both had been made mid August.

  SketcH 22:46 20 Dec 2003

I've been using a Maxtor for two years.

Its been through 5 re-formats and 2 operating systems.

If I threw it against the wall, odds are it would bounce.


I guess its just a luck thing, and not a brand thing.


Yea gotta agree with you SketcH. I've had an IBM 'Deathstar' on my old PC, working for 2 years. However, my friend has had 3 die on him in the space of a month.

As for now, I use Maxtor DiamondMax 9. I wouldn't trade it for anything else....

  josie mayhem 23:42 20 Dec 2003

I've got maxtor on this machine no probs so far.

But I have also got two seagates, which are from the ark about 2g and 2.2g these are kept in my very old P1 machine, and I can't tell you how many times I've reformatted them, I've also use them if I can't get into a hard drive that needs reformating.

Either maxtor or seagate disc manager are easy to use, and easy to download from the net.

I Also got a samsung driver, but getting the disc manger downloaded was a night mare, and when I completed the disk and went to run the manager it was corrupted, so I haven't really got a good format on it (used the good old win 98 to format)

So I for one would always vote for either the seagate or the maxtor.

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