Best Graphics Card For under 200 pounds

  pb457 18:25 30 Sep 2005

Firstly sorry for not using the pound sign but i can't find it on my keyboard, eversince i reinstalled the drivers its gone.
After discovering i have a fault with my motherboard, i want to upgrade my old socket A 2500+ Athlon XP for a Athlon 64 Socket 939, however i also want to use SLI because i like my games. Instead of buying two graphics card i'd like to buy one now one later. If anyone could find a 6800Gt for under 200 i would be shocked and grateful but otherwise what 6600GT should i look for. Has anyone got two 6600Gt in SLI mode is the performance good.
Thanks alot guys


  Noelg23 18:30 30 Sep 2005

check out click here

  Rigga 18:32 30 Sep 2005

> click here <

6800GT 256mb £199.69 inc VAT.


  GaT7 18:35 30 Sep 2005

6800GT just over £200 click here. If you don't mind eBay click here.

6600GTs & 6800GTs compared singly & in SLI with a MSI MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI mobo - article begins at click here benchmarks begin at click here. Another article & more benchmarks click here. G

  pb457 18:55 30 Sep 2005

I like playing FS2004, Commandoes 3,Hitman, The sims 2 GTA SA, and playing DVD's at the moment my FX5700 TD is struggling in FS2004 and is reflecte by the image given. Would i see a vast improvement if i 6800Gt over a 6600GT

  GaT7 19:11 30 Sep 2005

Read the article & see the benchmarks in my last link (the 'Table of Contents' are lower down the page) - should give you some idea.

I notice a 6600GT is about half the price of a 6800GT. If there wasn't a significant improvement with the latter, I suspect not many would be prepared to pay such a premium (but I've no idea what diehard gamers think/do!).

Would be nice if someone, who has seen enough of both these cards in action, to answer your question. G

  pb457 20:19 30 Sep 2005

Thanks crossbow for the help, like you said someone who has had both setups would be able to answer, the problem with benchmarks is that i can see that the 6800Gt is a superior card but i can't see the image that each card produces, so i don't know whether to fork out the extra 80 or whether the 6600gt is sufficient.

  citadel 21:01 30 Sep 2005

6800gt has more pipelines. I have a 6800 non gt and it plays games in high detail.

  pb457 09:11 01 Oct 2005

thanks, ithink i will shop around for a 6800gt

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