best graphics card for gaming????

  vanfish 10:23 05 Jul 2008

which is best for gaming

  MarvintheAndroid 11:31 05 Jul 2008

PCI Express or AGP motherboard ? Budget ?


  PeteStarr 12:07 05 Jul 2008

If you want the best then it must be PCI-E socket surely?

I think the very best you can buy is the Nvidia 9800GTX. I don't know if the 9800GX2 counts as its basically 2 8800GT's strapped together? At this time i haven't read about the newest cards from nvidia so they may be faster still. However the really high end cards increase in price hugely for little gain in framerate.

I would still opt for an 8800GT though, still pretty near top of the range and very good value for money. Prices should be around £120-130.

  vanfish 22:08 05 Jul 2008

im going pci for new card
ive got a agp now a radeon 1650x
what a really need to know i what card should i go for any help choosing would be great full
best card for gaming
i was going for 2x 8800gt in sli but i was told by shop .the the latest radeon card would beat two 8800gt in sli. now im lost what to go for ?????
i guessed two cards in sli would be better than one ?????

thanks for your help lads

  citadel 22:29 05 Jul 2008

some games are slower in sli or crossfire, plus there are driver issues. you may get better framerates than a single card if you are getting a large monitor but if you are getting a 22" or less one really good card is best.

  vanfish 22:48 05 Jul 2008

that is a great reply m8
the tech guy phoned and told me about driver issues with two cards and told me to get one and save money i did nt know if he was just trying me to get a crap he said get a 8000 series ati
im a call of duty 4 player so best card for that??/

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