Best freebie security downloads please

  Damarc 09:59 15 Jul 2011

I've got reinsalled os to protect and have always used AVG, superantispyware and spywareblaster plus windows XP firewall. The bloke at the computer centre said that it is better to only have one piece of software and that AVG should be sufficient but I'm not convinced. Are there better freebies out there now please?

  johndrew 10:07 15 Jul 2011

Your list sounds fine to me. If you want a better (2 way) firewall (free of course) you could always replace the XP item with, say, PC Tools Firewall Plus. Once installed it needs to 'learn' what you like/dislike and asks a few questions but after this it is fine.

  onthelimit1 10:12 15 Jul 2011

You should only have one antivirus prog, but it's sensible to have anti malware as well. Your list looks fine to me (except I prefer MSE to AVG as I've found it doesn't slow my PC down as much).

  Damarc 10:14 15 Jul 2011

Is it as bad as Zone Alarm as I had to turn that off as my husband was getting totally confused with its repeated requests which he didn't understand.

  johndrew 11:17 16 Jul 2011

"Is it as bad as Zone Alarm .."

I have never used Zone Alarm but have heard of some problems/difficulties people have had with it. When I installed PC Tools Firewall, I used the 'automatic' method. After installation it asked sometimes whether a program should be allowed to connect or not; on that basis I would say it is not complicated. When installed it automatically turns the XP firewall off but if you then uninstall it the XP item restarts.

  Damarc 11:27 16 Jul 2011

I'm afraid I had problems with PC Tools Firewall. I brought the pc back from the computer centre and booted it up and a dialogue box appeared with no firewall, your pc is at risk. I had already downloaded PC Tools on a memory stick from my laptop ready to download to the desktop. Afterwards everything snarled up and I had to reboot several times. I managed to get into Windows firewall and it stated that the firewall was on so I could only assume that the two firewalls were conflicting. I couldn't seem to turn the windows firewall off before everything snarled up again. So, on rebooting again, I disconnected the PC Tools firewall and uninstalled it. Again my pc said there was no firewall working so I had to manually turn Windows firewall on again and so far, everything is working, so I've left it alone. I didn't want to mess around too much having had the entire OS reinstalled at the shop and it's very easy for everyone to pass the buck if something doesn't work properly. At least I know that it is working fine to date. Thank you.

  spuds 11:35 16 Jul 2011

" Is it as bad as Zone Alarm".

I have used Zone Alarm for a number of years now, and like many if not all programs its just a case of reading the instructions first, then setting up to requirements.

If you install to many 'same' type programs, then you might get conflicting problems, which you do not want.

Over the years I have experimented with a number of security and protection programs. Some work, some do not, depending on what you are looking at. On the basis of that, all my computers have AVG, ZoneAlarm and Malwarebytes installed. All are free versions and seem to do the jobs intended.

  spuds 11:37 16 Jul 2011

Apologies, I should have said Avast and not AVG.

  birdface 12:50 16 Jul 2011

[The bloke at the computer centre said that it is better to only have one piece of software and that AVG should be sufficient but I'm not convinced.]

No doubt looking for more custom from you.

Time to lash out and invest in something better.

if you can afford to go to the chap in the computer center you can afford to pay out for better security.

Why not try this.

Emisoft Anti malware and AVG pay for versions for £20 the pair.

Click on Emisoft Anti malware for it to open and give you the choice of 3 programs for £20.98.

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