Best Free Software For a Netbook Please???

  julius44 09:32 23 Dec 2009

Hello there, and good morning to u all, my friend is bring her netbook over tomorrow, that she's taking abroad on boxing day....and she wishes me to install loads of free software, like internet security, etc....I'd just like some links to any good free internet security please.......she also mentioned that someone maybe buying the netbook from any extra downloadable features would be a bonus....i'm gonna make sure that it has the latest MS updates, etc, maybe install itunes,.....she's travelling to Ghana with it. Any help suggestions would be much appreciated.

  Clapton is God 09:52 23 Dec 2009

Avast, SpyWare Blaster and Windows Defender.

That's it

"that someone maybe buying the netbook from any extra downloadable features would be a bonus"

On the contrary, if I was buying a netbook/laptop/PC from someone, the first thing I'd do is format the HDD and start over. "Extra downloadable features" would simply be junk.

  tullie 09:57 23 Dec 2009

Spot on Clapton

  julius44 10:03 23 Dec 2009

Hi all, thanks for the advice, but would we be able to format the Hard disk??? The reason i ask this question is that...she purchased it from ebay....and I dont think she was given re-installation disks,.......but u do have a point.

  woodchip 10:05 23 Dec 2009

I Just bought a Samsung nc10 Netbook Running XP Home no Software loaded at all, I loaded my own over my network Like first thing Office Suite. other things like photo editing I copied CD to external USB drive then loaded it from that

  Input Overload 10:39 23 Dec 2009

I installed 'Comodo Internet Security' free edition of a laptop (quite old) & it runs great, it's become a good product. It will be the system I use for people who want free security along with the free edition of A Squared to scan weekly.

  julius44 10:47 23 Dec 2009

Many thanks for this input overload, and u mentioned A sqaured as well. I've looked at the comodo one and it seems okay. Did u say that i should use them both together on the netbook??? What about AVG???? I'm just trying to get various peoples opinions, before i got ahead and decide what to install on the netbook......i dont want too little, but not too much that it'll slow it down either, so many thanks.

  woodchip 11:38 23 Dec 2009

AVG no use Avast Free as I do

  Clapton is God 12:32 23 Dec 2009

A Squared is excellent but, remember, that it's not a 'live' active scanner, so won't stop any nasties at source.

You can only manually scan with it and it will then find nasties after the event (that is, when they've already taken up residence on your machine).

  julius44 14:21 23 Dec 2009

thanks Clapton is God, so do u suggest the free comodo internet security and AVG??? I've seen the reviews for the free comodo security, and they are not too bad....i'm thinking of also dowloading malwarebytes' anti-malware long with comodo.......just want peoples opinions pls, as i'm beginning to narrow it down.

  woodchip 14:25 23 Dec 2009

AVG is clunky Not as goos as Avast either

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