best free firewall??

  Cesare 06:45 05 Jun 2007

I decided not to have Zone Alarm any more due to some trouble it caused so please what alternative and reliable free firewall would you recommend ? I am now on Windows firewall ? Is this enough ?

  Ben capewell 07:46 05 Jun 2007

I have got Zone alarm, wich i find great as you can see what programs are doing what and when, windows fire wall, and both avg, and avg antispy, and so far no problems, so i would go with, the windows defender and avg.

  €dstowe 07:57 05 Jun 2007

I've used Sygate Personal Firewall for many years without problems.

Available from several file download sources if you Gooooogle for it.

  Cesare 08:01 05 Jun 2007

I'll give Sygate a try. Thanks

  Cesare 08:11 05 Jun 2007

It seems that Sygate is no longer functioning. See click here

  birdface 08:28 05 Jun 2007

I use Kerio Firewall,I find it the easiest to use,Just download it and leave it,It does the rest,

  €dstowe 08:29 05 Jun 2007

Just because Symantec have destroyed an excellent piece of software because it conflicted with some of their own, it doesn't mean that Sygate is no good or doesn't work.

Get it from click here or click here

There are other places to get it from as well.

Of course, if you don't trust that it will be able to do its job then, obviously, don't use it but, I reiterate, I have used it for many years on a large number of machines without any problems whatsoever (unlike Zonealarm which gave me much heartache).

  birdface 08:48 05 Jun 2007

Kerio here Full version free for a month and if you don't want to pay for it ,it reverts to the free version,

  Miros 08:54 05 Jun 2007

I had trouble with Zone Alarm and started using Comodo click here for free.

Read why they say it's free here click here
I like their ethos.

  Mac70 09:28 05 Jun 2007

I used Zone Alarm for a long time until I realised it slowed down my start-up so switched to Comodo. And their is a difference.

  Cesare 10:12 05 Jun 2007

Thanks for all your kind advise. I noticed that although Zone Alarm is uninstalled, I cannot delete the main file itself as it says this:- VSMON.EXE. True Vector is active (How do I get rid of this pest ?) I noticed that under C;\windows\ internet logs, I have ten zip file belonging to Zone Alarm VSMON_2ND_2007_060412_....etc. Question: Can I just delete these ??

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