Best free fax software for use with broadband

  Saltyseadog 10:24 29 Jan 2004

I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me any feedback on the best free fax software for using with my broadband cable connection, it will get very limited usage. Many thanks in anticipation.

  MAJ 10:43 29 Jan 2004

You can't send a fax using BB, Saltyseadog, you need to have a modem installed in order to dial the recipient's fax number.

  MAJ 10:54 29 Jan 2004

A dialup modem that is, Saltyseadog. If you do have one installed you could try this click here software, if I remember correctly, it was pretty good. If you're using XP, it has it's own built in software for sending faxes. You can receive faxes if you set up an account with Tiscali click here, they'll give you a free fax number. The faxes are received by your email account as TIF files.

  MAJ 10:56 29 Jan 2004
  Sheila-214876 11:26 29 Jan 2004

If you do have an analogue modem check out the setup CD as you may well find Supervoice on there. I use Supervoice for sending faxes, but for incoming faxes I use Trinite at click here There is a charge of £23 per year and you get an exclusive 0870 number. All faxes are sent to your email inbox. Tiscali do a free 0870 fax service but you have to have an internet/email account with them. It may also be that although Tiscali fax service is free they may have conditions attached. Like for example, you might have to have a certain amount of usage. Supervoice does receive faxes as well and it also acts as an answerphone. The problem with that of course is that your computer has to be on and Supervoice running at the time, which is why I use Trinite for incoming faxes.

  MAJ 11:39 29 Jan 2004

ennuye, is correct, there are certain stipulations to using Tiscali free text, you must receive 10 fax or voice messages per quarter, (it does voice messages as well to your free number). So at the end of the quarter if you don't reach that 10 faxes or voice messages point, you could send yourself 10 faxes. As it costs about 10p per minute to dial the number, it'll conceivably cost you about £4 per year.

You can send a fax via broadband, but it's very basic click here

  Sheila-214876 14:23 29 Jan 2004

Thank you MAJ 10 faxes or voice messages a quarter isn't a lot, I think I could manage that. I get about 8 to 10 faxes a month. But can you give any email address to receive the faxes or does it have to be your Tiscali email. With Trinite they will send faxes to whatever email inbox you tell them. If you want to change the email address just let them know and they will re-direct.

  MAJ 16:17 29 Jan 2004

As far as I know, ennuye, it goes to your Tiscali account only, but you don't have to be connected to Tiscali to receive them.

  Stuartli 17:19 29 Jan 2004

The e-mail type message received from Tiscali when you get a fax states it is from Tiscali Fax and that it is has been sent to the 0871 phone (fax) number that Tiscali provides.

I occasionally send a test fax to myself to keep the fax number active and these were the details on the last one the other day.

  DieSse 18:21 29 Jan 2004

Go to click here - look for the UK link - and you can get a free "receive only" fax facility (into your email).

I've had such an account for several years - I've just had a new client set one up - and it works without a hitch. You don't get a choice of fax number - it'll be an 0870 number probably.

I use it from Spain - and even people that want to fax me from nearby (very few these days) - just accept it has to go via the UK.

There is a chargeable sending facility too.

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