Best free backup software?

  Pineman100 17:17 04 Aug 2011

I run Windows 7 Home Premium.

I've just bought a new Samsung external HDD for backups. Nothing wrong with the drive but the backup software it comes with is rubbish.

Can anyone please recommend (from personal experience) a good freeware backup program? I want to be able to schedule backups of all my data files, and ideally then to have the external drive sync automatically with file modifications/updates.

If the software also allows be to image the entire system from time to time, so much the better.

Or am I asking too much for freeware?

By the way, I don't want to use W7's own backup system - I've had trouble with it and I don't trust it.

  john bunyan 17:31 04 Aug 2011

For data - not programmes - either Freefilesynch or Synchtoy would do what you want. I make a mirror image of all "My Documents" ie Word, photos, music and Outlook on to a second HD and to a USB HD. I prefer Acronis (paid for) for imaging and cloning the System partition - I keep a partition for system, programmes, and another for data. I have W7 Ultimate 64 bit.Google to get links and info. I slightly prefer Freefilesynch but both do a good job.

  rdave13 17:34 04 Aug 2011

I agree with 7's backup will cause trouble if you use other backup software but that is the same with any backup software. Only use one and that's it. Trouble is I think it's worth paying for backup software as the information stored is usually important. Most on here would recommend Acronis. I use Paragon HDD manager.

  Pineman100 17:40 04 Aug 2011

Thanks to you both. I'll check out those recommendations.

  sunnystaines 18:08 04 Aug 2011

I use w7 own image software, used it twice so far to restore its excellent and fast. no need for 3rd party software with w7

  Pineman100 18:23 04 Aug 2011

Thanks sunnystaines. Up until last week I would have agreed with you (although I've never used it to restore from), but it's given me a number of problems recently.

I suppose I've just lost confidence in it.

  acein1 22:19 04 Aug 2011

there,s nothing wrong with windows 7 backup,ive used it to restore also, why pay when you get it free,go for it.

  robin_x 00:07 05 Aug 2011

Personally I mostly make Macrium Reflect Free images now to ext hdd. Every couple of days, takes 40 mins for 40GB for me. Computer is usable while running.

If I just need to restore some files, I mount the image.

EASEUS Todo v1.1 is my 2nd choice. Don't like Easeus v2.5

  orsta 13:14 05 Aug 2011

Like robinofloxley, I use Macrium Free for complete disc backups, but once a week. Foe the rest I've been using Comodo's backup program, the latest beta is very good.


  Pineman100 17:35 05 Aug 2011

OK, I'm going to work my way through those suggestions and have a look at the various options. No point in keeping the thread open, as that could take me several days (lots of other stuff to do, too!).

But I will report back on what I've chosen, just in case anyone else is interested.

Thanks very much to everyone for your helpful comments and suggestions.

  Bailifei 04:01 21 Oct 2011

i've been using todo backup freeware for a long time. it offers full, incremental, and differential backup. i usually set up a daily backup schedule, and save three versions of the images, which means that the software automatically delete the old images. a specific file can also be restored in Windows explorer from a folder or partition backup image. the one click system backup feature is especially easy to use. anyway, todo backup free is quite good as a freeware.

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