Best free Antivirus that doesn't need the internet

  kjrider 15:45 22 Aug 2010

my friends PC is not connected to the net and needs to have free Antivirus that doesn't need the internet.

I gave him AVG, but of course that needs the internet for updates.

Any good ideas?


  SirMetal 15:48 22 Aug 2010

There is no such thing as an anti virus without the internet.

Most anti viruses can run without the internet. HOWEVER, it will be pointless as thousands of new viruses are created EVERY DAY.

If your friend doesn't have the internet anyway, having anti virus is pointless.

  tullie 15:50 22 Aug 2010

And if he cant update it then he uses an infected file or disc,his anti virus may not pick it up.

  BT 16:48 22 Aug 2010

No its not!

How many magazine discs and the like recommend that you run a virus check on them before use? Most of them do.

  iscanut 16:57 22 Aug 2010

The point is that whilst you can have an AV installed without being connected to net, you have no way of keeping it updated at least not on a regular basis.

  MAT ALAN 16:59 22 Aug 2010

having anti virus is pointless.

not completely, if you download progs or files from disc it may be necessary to scan them first so BT and tullie are both on the right track...

  MAT ALAN 17:03 22 Aug 2010

click here

not ideal but can be done...

  DieSse 17:05 22 Aug 2010

All AV programs require the internet to do automatic on-line updates. However many (maybe even all) have downloadable update files, which can be done on one computer, then installed on another which is not connected to the web.

I recommend Avast for a free AV, and here is where update files are downloaded from click here

Given that your friend in not online, so the chances of getting a virus are limited to disks/cds/memory sticks fed in with data from outside their computer - then

1 - If they don't do that, then they can't get a virus
2 - The chances of getting a virus are much lower.

So - if every week or so you get the update file for them, then that should be fine.

But also remember that without a web connection, other updates will not be automatically available - so their OS and other software will miss out on important security protection too.

  compumac 17:06 22 Aug 2010

Before the advent of the mass internet use it was imperative to have antivirus software on your PC due to magazine discs, kids from school putting their floppy discs that have been previously used on an infected PC and then inserted into your drive. I visited a company and installed antivirus on every PC in the company as they had all become infected even though they were not connected to the internet. The General Manager of the company informed me that his PC did not need antivirus software on it was he was very careful. I returned two weeks later and found that his PC was infected and he had been using his floppies on other peoples PC's. He had brought in floppies from home that had been used by his children. He took some convincing, so it is not true to say that antivirus software is not needed. Of course the problem is keeping it up todate.

  woodchip 17:07 22 Aug 2010

I have one that never as Updated on my Win98se Desktop, as it works different from normal AV's but it will only work on old Win 9 If it would work on XP I would use it as It have never had a Virus or Malaware using it. And its still used for Internet and all my mail. This was not a freebe I payed for it. and as above a AV should go onto a PC even if its not connected to the net, I would suggest Free Avast and download update for her then copy Dat Files in Avast in Windows Explorer to a USB or other device the load them on her PC By just drag and drop Replacing old dat files

  Woolwell 17:11 22 Aug 2010

The other snag with not being connected to the internet is that Windows and other progs will not get security updates either.

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