Best Free Anti Virus package?

  Jakonapster 13:45 21 Jan 2003
  Jakonapster 13:45 21 Jan 2003

I plan to install ZoneAlarm (see my earlier posting). I also want to install a safe and stable Anti Virus package.

Is there a recognised leader in this field? I'd prefer a 'free' solution - but if there was an outstanding commercial package - I'd certainly consider it.

Would like to hear about PCA readers' experiences on this.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:46 21 Jan 2003

AVG as used by many members here including yours here


  'oppy 14:04 21 Jan 2003

Ive just downloaded vers 6.0 of avg this very hour, so easy to use and set up. Looks good, but can't comment on its stability and affect yet, but take a look anyway....oppy

  Taurus 14:10 21 Jan 2003

Yep, gotta go with Gandulph there. I've been using AVG for a few months now and had no probs. It ticks away in the backgound just as it should and does a good job. It's fre as are the regular attern updates available from AVG's website. Installation and downloading updates are a sinch.

  Jakonapster 14:29 21 Jan 2003

Thanks for your responses... Looks like its to be AVG.

Don't suppose you know whether AVG (or Anti Virus s/w generally) uses up much resource while it is 'ticking away' behind the scenes)? My PC is used for video editing and I need all the resource I can get.

  Foolsbane_1 14:40 21 Jan 2003

For what it may be worth, AVG gets my vote as well.

  dth 16:48 21 Jan 2003

AVG is very much in the background and does not try to take over your p/c or use loads of system resources (like some other a/v programs). Another good reason for using it.

  Belatucadrus 17:10 21 Jan 2003

I like AVG, but if you go by the Virus bulletin tests there is one clear winner and it's Avast, not AVG. click here for the avast download page and click here for the test results.

  Jakonapster 00:26 22 Jan 2003

Thanks Belatucadrus... I checked the test results via your link. They certainly get 100% in the last two tests (Jun 02 - WinXP, and Nov 02 - Win2000).

But the track record prior to then was of multiple fails - incl Win98 in Jul 00.

Being new to the Virus Buletin - maybe I'm expecting too much and AVAST's record of 5 passes and 16 fails is actually very good in AV terms.

  spuds 00:34 22 Jan 2003

AVG is the one I have used for a goodtime now, and it works.If you want to add ZoneAlarm,another free safeguard, I would recommend it without any hesitations.Both these products run very sweetly on my machines.

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