Best free Anti-Virus ?

  freaky 13:05 08 Jan 2006

The two most popular freebies appear to be Avast and AVG.

Can anybody please advise which is the best ?

  The Kestrel 13:06 08 Jan 2006

Why not use the forum search facility. This question has been asked numerous times.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:11 08 Jan 2006

It doesn't matter which one you use there is no difference apart from the style. I use AVG but avast is just as good. Horses for courses. Flip a coin and decide on one, put it on your computer and you will be fine.


  GuZ><0r 13:16 08 Jan 2006

Don't know if you already have these but they are good programs to use with AVG or Avast.


Spybot Search & Destroy


MS Antispyware


  spuds 13:17 08 Jan 2006
  freaky 13:25 08 Jan 2006

I have already got: - Ad-Aware, SpyBot and SpywareBlaster.

Also had Norton Internet Security 2004, but decided not to renew my subscription. Uninstalled that and replaced it with NTL 'Netguard'. Had problems with this because it drastically slowed down the saving of games - see my post on Netguard.

  gudgulf 13:41 08 Jan 2006

If you are a gamer then you might not get on with Avast.......I found it really slowed things down.Avast scans all files as they open...and it is not a particularly fast scanner....hence a lot of pauses during game play.

If fact I needed to switch it's "on access" scanning off when playing games.

In fairness Avast is highly configurable so you might well be able to sort that problem out.

You might be better with AVG, or another to consider is AntiVir,but that needs maunual updates.

My own preference is the paid for NOD32 which gives excellent protection with very low resource overheads.....there is a 30 day free trial though, so you could give it a try for nowt!

  Belatucadrus 14:02 08 Jan 2006

True, but easy to stop if it bothers you.
Open the on-access protection control, go to Resident shield and then Customise, I turn off "Scan Executed programs" but leave "Scan Files on open" active. Your choice.

  Skills 14:12 08 Jan 2006

Thanks for the tip that speeds things up a bit.

Avast for me its has more functions than AVG.

  Gongoozler 14:20 08 Jan 2006

I think it really comes down to which interface you get on best with. I prefer Avast, others prefer AVG. I also like the Avast users forum click here.

  freaky 16:22 08 Jan 2006

Many thanks for all your replies, I have now downloaded AVG - will first try to see if Netguard can be configured to overcome the problem I have with it. When I tried yesterday, it only gave choices of enabling pop-up blocker and privacy control, so am doubtful !

As a program it appears rather basic, but I will try further. If no good then I will uninstall and then try out AVG.

Will leave this post un-resolved for the time being.

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