Best format to save video files

  Georgie68 10:30 02 Apr 2009

I recently bought the EasyCap device to convert all my old Hi8 tapes to disc.
I've managed to get it working okay, but wondered what the best format was to save these files.
It lists WMV, DV, AVI, MPEG, VCD, SVCD, DVD AND WMV as options.
Obviously, I want to maintain as much quality as possible without having really massive files, even though they'll be taken off my pc and put on discs.
After experimenting with a couple of options, I discovered WMV to be smaller files but not as good quality, and AVI to be huge files but good quality picture.
These videos are all of my kids when they were tiny so I am anxious to preserve them as best I can.
Any help/thoughts welcome.

  daveeb 10:42 02 Apr 2009

I've saved footage of my kids/family etc in both DVD and AVI format backed up to disc and external hard drive. Its irreplacable (and in limited amounts so storage shouldn't be a problem) and as such I don't want to take any risks.

  eedcam 11:04 02 Apr 2009

I would choose DVD (mpeg2) then keep the files on the pc as well preferably to an external drive. Burn to dvd anytime if required bearing in mind DVD's are not as reliable as some think .Round figures 5G/byte for every 2 hours standard play = 40 hours plus thats alot of footage taking up around a 100 G/byte on the Hard disc > for irreplacable memories go on they are worth it.

  Georgie68 11:09 02 Apr 2009

Thanks for both your replies. I have a 750GB external hard drive so I think i'll save them all to that using DVD. Thanks again :-)

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