Best firewall to install for a novice?

  Skills 01:20 28 Aug 2005

Hi all,

Am going round to sort out a pc this week that has been infected with spyware no doubt it probably hasn't got a firewall running so am wondering which is the best one to install for a novice user?

I use zonealarm myself but didn't want to confuse the situtation by having lots of program access pop ups and asking if you want to allow or deny.

I have used mccaffe on ones in the past as they have a smart recommendations and so manage alot of the program access automatically, I still have a copy from a cover disk so I could install that or is there a better choice?


  webber_man 01:27 28 Aug 2005

If the PC runs XP SP2 then i'd suggest the built in Windows Firewall. Can't really think of anything simpler to be honest.

  Skills 01:30 28 Aug 2005

I thought this intitally as well but xp's firewall only protects one way incoming, seeing as they have already picked up one infection I wanted to have something a bit more secure. Saying that thou if they did get an alert theres nothing to stop them allowing it so maybe xp's firewall is the answer.

Cheers for the response.

  joesoaps 02:30 28 Aug 2005

Download either of these for free,click here click here

Both are good firewalls but Zonealarm is probably best for a novice.

Hope this helps.

  961 08:30 28 Aug 2005

Zone Alarm will do best. Use the default settings and turn off the alerts

  Belatucadrus 11:16 28 Aug 2005

Try click here Outpost free, no longer developed by Agnitum, but still a fair product and being rule based is as simple as they get.

  tenplus1 13:01 28 Aug 2005

One of the best and FREE Firewall's out there is Sygate Personal Firewall click here

  Pedlow 13:19 28 Aug 2005

ZoneAlarm for me!

  DieSse 13:21 28 Aug 2005

For simplicity - Sygate Personal. You do get pop-ups but they're very easy to comprehend.

  DieSse 13:23 28 Aug 2005

Also for "Anti-Spyware" get Spybot *Search& Destroy* and implement the Immunise facility to block Spyware.

  Skills 14:49 28 Aug 2005

Thanks for all the replys, I use zonealarm myself so think I will stick to that, was going to take round spybot to install.

Seems like they have picked up a rather stubborn dialler so any tips for removing it would be a bonus looks like it could be a hijack this job thou.

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