Best email account for dealing with spam

  jz 13:21 19 Jun 2006

Someone I know is looking for an free email account with pop3 access (to use in Outlook Express). He will forward emails from another account, and many of them are spam. This account has a poor spam filter, and spam is a big problem for him so I thought I'd forward the emails from this account to a new personal account with a good spam filter. Which is the best out of,, etc?

  Les 13:43 19 Jun 2006

I have this browser and I receive by mail through a BT address. I get about 99.99% (at least that is what it seems!) protection from spam, they are diverted into the Bulk Folder, the wanted mail into the Input box.

It's then a simple matter of clicking on the Buld Folder(it shows 25 mails at a time) - check for the odd 'good' mail ( dodgy address perhaps?), if all bad then tick either of the two check boxes and delete. Easy.

  griffon 56 14:29 19 Jun 2006

Hi jz,

The Thunderbird email client has an efficient spam filter which learns as it goes along to recognise more and more variants of the irritating crap. I've been using it for years with good results and few errors, in fact, none for a long time now.

It works by downloading emails into the Inbox so you can see their titles, etc, as they do, and, when the download is complete, Waste Bin icons appear against the spam and it disappears into the Junk folder, from which you can review it if you like.

It's got another good feature with which you can give emails a name, and by what they have in their Sender, their Body or their To captions you can call up only emails of the name you specify.

I expect Outlook Express has got the same feature but it's so long since I've used it I've forgotten. Anyway, I find it useful and it helps to decide whether you've missed any mails from a particular source.

You can download Thunderbird free from click here and, if you are not using it already, Firefox is a better browser than IE 6 and has better security and better features. Also available free from Mozilla.

  JayDay 14:33 19 Jun 2006

Gmail has POP3 access and also filters spam well. I use Thunderbird email client and agree with griffon 56 comments.

Use Yahoo or Gmail with Thunderbird and you should have very few problems.

  Stuartli 16:09 19 Jun 2006

Further to griffon 56's comments re Thunderbird.

The Junk filter can be "trained" to automatically send unwanted e-mails to the Junk folder. You use the Junk button to indicate that a particular e-mail is Junk or Not Junk and T'bird, over time, recognises and immediately begins to divert them to the Junk folder.

It's so quickly done that you may not even notice it has been done - there is also a Spam filter facility where T'bird regards an e-mail as Spam and you select either Spam or Not Spam.

  jz 22:32 19 Jun 2006

Thanks everyone. The person I'm trying to help has dial-up and pays per minute (he only uses the internet for email so a monthly payment would be much more expensive). So, it's better if the spam can be stopped at source (eg by Yahoo bulk mail) rather than after it is downloaded into an email client and processed by a junk filter there. Spam can be quite large, so downloading spam takes time and costs more in phone calls.

As an aside, thanks for your interesting comments on Thurderbird. I did try it very briefly a year or so ago, but was so used to Outlook Express that I didn't switch. Maybe I should have spent more time trying it out.

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