Best e-mail provider that notifies when new email arrives

  bturner 05:16 07 Jan 2013

I have had a Hotmail account for over 10 years but I think someone has hacked into the account and I cannot get in now.

I have set up a gmail account temporarily but what I liked about hotmail was if I had the windows live messenger open I knew as soon as a new email arrived which is important for my work.

Can anyone recommend another safe email provider that notifies you when a new email arrives?

  Nontek 08:53 07 Jan 2013

I use Hotmail with Incredimail.

  BRYNIT 09:16 07 Jan 2013

You could try resetting your password from the sign in page ">">CLICK HERE I think this will only work if you supplied a second email address. Or you could set up a new Microsoft hotmail or live account.

  BRYNIT 09:18 07 Jan 2013
  BRYNIT 09:20 07 Jan 2013

Third time CLICK HERE

  bturner 09:36 07 Jan 2013

Thanks for the replies.

I do like Hotmail and until now have never had a problem with security.

I am not keen on gmail as it does not alert you when new emails arrive, also how would I know if someone else is signed into gmail.

With Windows live messenger you can see if someone else is signed into the account.

What puts me off though is if you have a problem there is no telephone number to call for help. I did find a number but they wont help because hotmail is a free service.

I have actually managed to reset my password but I am still being blocked, mine is the last post on page 1, it shows what I have already done.

  Nontek 10:08 07 Jan 2013


You appear to be talking at crossed-purposes??

Incredimail is not gmail. Windows Live Messenger is not Windows Live Mail!

  Nontek 10:09 07 Jan 2013

PS - Incredimail lets you know when new mail arrives, both Audibly and Visibly.

  bturner 10:38 07 Jan 2013

I apologise for the confusion, I was using Windows Live Messenger to see when new emails arrived.

I am not familiar with Incredimail, does it have a telephone contact number should this problem arise where my account is hacked and blocked? Am I less likely to get hacked with Incredimail than with Hotmail?

Was I just unlucky getting hacked after over 10 years with hotmail? If so I could open another Hotmail account.

The gmail account I created yesterday is just until I find out which one is least likely to get hacked and has telephone customer support should it happen.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:49 07 Jan 2013

I have used Gmail for many years although I have a Hotmail address also, but I have never liked the customer support associated with Microsoft companies,call them what you will. I had my Xbox live account hacked and as it uses hotmail address I had to change passwords ETC but what has happened is I have not got access to a game because it is tied to another account the one that was hacked. Customer support were not remotely interested and advised I buy another copy of the game.Yeah right.

You can use Gmail notifier which will pop up and tell you if an email has arrived.

Also Gmail will allow you pull mail from 5 other addresses, use your mobile number as a means of security, go into settings and have a look.

  Ian in Northampton 11:10 07 Jan 2013

I think, by the way, that it's a little unreasonable to expect telephone support - any kind of support, in fact - for a free product/service... It's hard enough to get support for something you've paid for.

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