best e-mail provider for exporting multiple complete e-mails to hd?

  theDarkness 21:59 01 Apr 2012

Who is the best e-mail provider for exporting and saving multiple e-mails to hdd? eg I have alot of folders on yahoo mail and there doesnt seem to be an option to export them individually as files, never mind complete folders/multiple mail. The last time I used outlook, it could not export all elements (images etc) within any e-mail, so is there an e-mail provider I could forward my yahoo emails to instead, that will save them individually, complete, in hopefully as few commands as possible? thanks

  mgmcc 23:00 01 Apr 2012

Normally, if you want to store your emails on your hard drive, you'd use a POP3 email program. This retrieves messages to your computer and they are on your hard drive when you read them. When using web-based mail services, such as Yahoo, Gmail etc, the messages remain on the mail server. Similarly, with IMAP protocol mail remains on the provider's mail server and any computers you use with it synchronise with the server.

Gmail (and I'd assume also Yahoo) supports the retrieval of mail with a POP3 program. I'm not sure what it is you're trying to do once you have the messages downloaded to your hard drive.

  theDarkness 00:36 02 Apr 2012


Ill try to find a good pop3 program that will support regular yahoo mail and export full multiple messages to the hd. its mainly for emails regarding pc tech guides, I have a fair few which Id rather have on the hd for quick reference, but didnt want to have to save them all individually.. come to think of it after writing up about it on here Id have probably finished it by now :)

edit- im trying out thunderbird, I have to move each folders contents into the inbox in order to view it in thunderbird, but thats no problem. When I save them all at once however, the program is not saving the image contents? Hopefully theres an option to change this, otherwise Ill need to try another program.

  Simsy 07:04 02 Apr 2012

I'm open to correction on this, so my apologies if I've got this wrong, but...

I suspect the issue is yahoo itself...

If you are using a free yahoo mail address, (as opposed to a paid for one, direct to them or via BT for example), I don't think you can access the mail via pop.

If I'm right on that it doesn't matter what email programme you use, you wont be able to achieve what you seek!

You'll either have to pay Yahoo for the service, which will enable pop, or forward all the mails individually to an emai address that does support pop

Again, my apologies if I've got that all wrong!



  theDarkness 12:54 02 Apr 2012

The issue was with yahoo, as Im certain Ive used other email providers that can export, but mgmcc's suggestion of using pop3 worked-firefox thunderbird works well, and instead of exporting every individual email (!) I can simply archive what I choose using the program. Thunderbird can archive emails within its own folder related files on your hd, similar to any email program would do online. They are located at: C:\Users\x\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\wf7etzx8.default\Mail (where x=your username)

There are some issues with the program, I only seem to be able to print emails fully with media included (eg images) from withiin the program itself. If I export the same email individually as a single file, the image is not included. Also one or two archived emails have the wrong date (eg today instead of 1998), but as long as everything saves together fully and prints fully, they are minor problems, which will probably be fixed in future.. and its free :)

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