Best DVD writer

  UK_Neo 13:36 13 Jan 2004

I'm wanting to pick the brains of you guys and get your oponions on DVD writers. I am looking to purchase one for home and was looking at spending about 85pounds inc VAT. For that price I can find a Pioneer DVR-106 and NEC1300A. I want to have the option of + and - formats given that there is still no industry standard.

Which one does everyone recommend or are there other alternatives?

  y_not 13:54 13 Jan 2004

I use the NEC1300A.

Thought at the start that I was a factory for silver coasters but once I got to understand how to use it it works fine - if it breaks I'll buy the same again ... guess that says it all.

Happy burning ;-)

  doom-tube 14:17 13 Jan 2004

For not much more money than a Pioneer 106A, you can buy the new NEC 2500A dual format writer that burns to both -R and +R at 8x. I've got one and not burned a coaster yet. It's fast, virtually silent in operation and will be reliable (it's NEC, after all). They're less than £100 inc VAT from click here

  keenan 14:26 13 Jan 2004

If you can still get one? click here

  Sheila-214876 15:25 13 Jan 2004

I saw a good write-up on the LG 4040 see this previous thread click here does what you want plus RAM. Now down to about £90. If you are planning on playing it on your TV you would also need a multi format DVD player as well. Or, alternatively, make sure you buy the right DVD disks that will play on the DVD player. Although multi format DVD writers are availble the blank DVD disks are not multi format. You have to buy the the right disks.

  leo49 15:30 13 Jan 2004

Nec2500A £93.99[inclusive] from;

click here#

  Mike ® 17:44 13 Jan 2004

Multi format liteon ldw 811s, also easy to make region free.

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