Best desktop file search (Copernic not cutting it)

  Jdoki 20:32 20 May 2005

Hi all

Anybody know of a good desktop search tool? Or is Copernic the best?

I'm using it at the moment but finding that it doesn't quite hit the mark - I think it's the separation of web and file search - I'm ideally after something which searches my local machine AND the web in one go and presents the results.

Can Copernic Desktop Search do this, or are there better tools out there?

Thanks in advance

  Technotiger 20:37 20 May 2005

Hi, maybe worth a look here ?

click here

  Jdoki 22:25 20 May 2005

Thanks for the link. Will have a look shortly.

Also, I should have mentioned that indexing of OpenOffice documents would also be nice, if anyone knows of a tool that can do this it would be much appreciated. Copernic seems lacking in support for these file types...

  about:blank 23:37 20 May 2005

Google Desktop search does it for me click here

and im sure theres a plug-in for indexing openoffice documents click here


  wjrt 14:39 21 May 2005

mentioned some time ago in here was this

click here

worth a go perhaps

  Dae 20:59 21 May 2005

Here is a quotation from an April 2003 posting by Tom Porterfield, a MS MVP, which may help.

" ..the search tool in XP has a problem. If the extension you are searching isn't registered with Windows so it knows how to search in the file, then it simply doesn't try to look in that file for the text string...ways around this... is to use a better search tool. I like Agent Ransack, a free search tool from click here"

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